Written by Johnthe rep.

13 May 2010

This is another tale about the time I was working as a Domestic Appliance rep. I am sure that I am not the only man to recognise a certain type of woman, the sort that as soon as you set eyes on them gives you the impression that they are available without anything being said initially at all. Janis was one of these. Soon after I started the job I called on Janis as the record cards showed that she had a six-monthly service contract call due. She invited me in, 'I knew that a service was just about due,' she said, 'what happened to the other chap who used to call?' 'Oh,' I replied, 'he's been moved on to pastures new and I've taken over this territory.' 'Great improvement,' was her comment, 'I can see that we're going to get on well!'

She had that certain look, she was quite pretty, good figure, although I guessed a few pounds overweight but it looked good on her. I wasn't shy of looking at her, as I prepared to service her cleaner, 'Like what you see then?', she asked. I laughed, 'Sorry about that, but I always appreciate a pretty woman.' This was always my test comment, if a woman picked it up on it I knew that I was in with a chance. Her turn to laugh, she preened and said, 'And I always appreciate a compliment, to be frank, I've got the same equipment as any woman and it's all in working order. A woman doesn't have to be a fashion model to give a man a good time!' I said, 'Just let me finish this,' I busied myself going through the service as quickly as possible and soon had it finished.

I plugged the machine in and tested it, 'There you are, all sorted till the next service.' I washed my hands, we provided a triple copy of the work done and the cost and she stood very close by me as I went through it then paid me and I receipted her copy. 'Thanks very much,' she murmured and turning toward me, kissed me, 'I'm up for it John, I may call you John mayn't I?' 'Of course,' I put my arm round her and pulled her close, she was breathing hard. 'Long time since I had the chance for this,' she told me. I kissed her again, more passionately, 'I love a woman I can get hold of,' I murmured in her ear. She was trembling, 'You can get hold of me and give it to me good and proper!' she panted.

She took me by the arm and led me to a bedroom, we stood kissing and I felt her breasts through her clothes and let her feel my emerging erection against her stomach. She broke away, 'Give me a minute, John.' She went into the bathroom adjacent and I heard her peeing, something that always turns me on, then I heard her washing. I took my jacket and tie off and was unbuttoning my shirt as she returned holding her knickers in her hand. 'I can see you don't waste time,' she said and began taking the rest of her clothes off, I followed suit. She had brought a large bath sheet in with her and now laid it on the bed, she stared at my cock as she got on the bed making sure that I could see her cunt, 'There you are,' she murmured, 'told you I'd got it all.' She had indeed, she had very nice breasts that hadn't yet sagged at all, she was plumpish all over but her mons was still prominent and she parted her legs just enough to show a neat pair of cunt lips.

I joined her on the bed and we kissed again, she grabbed my cock and began wanking it, I kissed and sucked her nipples. She made a little sound and a tremor went through her, I slid my hand down between her thighs and traced the lips of her cunt. She was kissing me passionately and wanking me hard, 'Come on, come on!' she gasped, 'Fuck me, John, fuck me!' She spread her legs wide and moving over her I placed my knob between the lips of her cunt as they parted. I caught hold of my cock and rubbed the head inside against her lovely delicate flesh and the hard little knob of her clit. She was panting with desire and I placed my knob at her opening and pushed. By now she was sloppy wet and as slippery as a wet eel and my cock went straight up her. her fingers dug into my back and she was murmuring, 'Oh yes, oh yes, fuck, fuck, fuck...' I fucked. I started gently then began to really thrust, she loved it, urging me on to greater and greater efforts.

She was so wet that her thighs, stomach and belly were slippery with her juice. After about five minutes I knew that I was about to cum, 'Where do you want it?' 'Up me, up me!' she panted, then 'Oh Christ! I ent had no-one spunk up me like that before!', as I shot my load half a dozen times deep in her cunt. Those of you who have read my stories before know that all my life I've had this huge pleasure of shooting my spunk really fiercely. Janis was one of many who really appreciated it, when I had finished and flopped on her she said, 'Next time I want to see you cum, I've never felt anything like it!' 'My pleasure,' I said, 'and next time I can fuck you for as long as you can stand it.'

She drew away to look at me, 'Are you telling me that you can fuck me again?' I nodded, 'Sure, I was well trained when I was a kid and I can last as long as any woman wants once I've cum for the first time.' 'Well I'm buggered,' she said in amazement, 'how long before you can get hard again?' 'That's up to you, I'm sure you know how to get a man hard, I'm sure you've had the experience!' She laughed, 'Oh yes! Ever since I was young!' She rolled me off and then, kneeling over me, proceeded to suck my limp cock into her mouth. I said, 'Do you like the taste of spunk then, Janis?' She nodded, not stopping. 'And the taste of your own cunt?' She took my cock out of her mouth, 'Of course, I've always sucked my fingers clean after I've had a wank ever since I first started.' She put my cock back in her mouth and continued with her task, not that it took her long, I was hard again in less than three minutes.

'Take me doggy fashion,' Janis requested getting up on her knees and presenting me with the sight of her considerable bum with her cunt hanging between her thighs like some grotesque fruit. Her outer lips were now wide apart, the inner lips well swollen and extended, her clit clearly visible and her fuck hole leaking clear juice, very erotic. I moved her to the edge of the bed and, standing behind, entered her. She had her head down on the bed looking between her thighs watching me fucking her cunt, she was breathing hard, then she reached between her thighs and began to tease her clit. Two minutes later she came with a little moan and a slight shudder. I increasing the force of my thrusting, he cunt was quite tight but easy to fuck because she was so wet, I was ramming ever harder and she came and came. At first small ones then suddenly she shrieked, 'Oh Christ!', and convulsed as a huge orgasm hit her. Over a period of half an hour or more she had several of those although I soon slowed down to a more reasonable level, I kept on fucking, holding her hips as I did so.

She was backing onto my thrusts making more of the power I was using and moaning to herself as she still kept cumming. Soon she panted, 'No more! No more John, I'm fucked! Let me lie down and you can cum over me.' I eased my rather sore cock out of her, cunt juice was drooling down her thighs, her cunt hugely wide open. As she turned onto her back I knelt over her and began to masturbate, 'Lift your head,' I told her. 'Oh, wait a minute, you might cum all over the bed-head, it cost me a lot of money!' She scrambled up and we got off the towel which she then pulled up to cover the bedhead, then she lay down again, showing her cunt and lifting her head to watch me. I started wanking again, by then I was super-sensitive and knew that it would only be moments before I shot my load. I paused, 'Do you mind where it goes, Janis?' She shook her head, 'No, I've had spunk all over me before!' I gave myself another three or four strokes then ejaculated.

My spunk shot out straight over her head and onto the towel covered bed-head! I lowered my aim as I shot again and hit her face, she opened her mouth and succeeded in catching a mouthful as her face, neck and breasts received a shower. I sat back on my heels and watched her savouring the taste of my spunk then swallowing it, 'Want more?' I asked, she nodded. I leant over her and scooped a mouthful off her face with my tongue which I then put in her open mouth, she sucked it off and swallowed, we did it several times until all that was left was for her to suck my cock and clean it for me.

We lay side by side recovering, Janis said, 'That was the best fucking I've had for a long time.' 'Are you married?' I asked. 'Oh yes. But he's not got the sex drive I have and he's not much good at it either, that's why I have to try and get it elsewhere. You're not the only one, do you mind?' 'Not as long as they're clean and you play safe.' She shrugged, 'I can't have kids and I'm not silly, I haven't had a good fuck for quite some time, that's why as soon as I realised that you wre a player I wanted you. You're some fucker, John, I'd like to think you'll come back for more.' 'Oh, I'll do that alright, Janis, I like a woman who knows what she's got a cunt for and likes using it.' 'All you have to do, John, is just ring me to make sure it's okay and you can fuck me as much as you like, I shall enjoy it judging by today. It's really hard finding a man wo thinks of a woman's pleasure and that's what you do, I'd hate to think this was the only time!' We kissed and went in the bathroom to clean up.

Janis did become one of my regulars, I usually had a ...er.. a stable? Of women I knew would like to fuck, but it was ever changing and I liked a bit of variety.