Written by suze of rogandsuzeg

3 Jun 2013

I've enjoyed the private response to my post 2 weeks ago so I thought I'd recount another adventure. This one is 2 years ago when I was 56 and Jake was 22 and I remember it because the video I have of it reminds me often (Yes I do have similar very private personal use only well viewed photos/videos of me and about 50 of my meetings!).

For this meeting it was cold so I turned up in black trousers and a white blouse WITH both bra and nickers (also white and new of course). The video actually starts with Jake and I both fully clothed snogging furiously on a couch; both of us have hands everywhere and in particular I'm clearly to be seen encouraging his hard on through is trousers! I remember thinking that he might be quite young but his prick did seem very nice and thick! Obviously the thought got too much for me because next thing is that I unbutton his shirt and taking it off followed by more snogging while I unzip his trousers and guess what pops out. It was well deserving of the oral attention it got but before long I clearly needed more so the video clearly shows a fully clothed me kneeling in front of this guy 34 years younger than me taking his pants and shorts off so that I can give is cock and balls some real attention! The look on his face and the horny noises say it all as I clearly take him to the brink and than bring him down again until eventually with a lovely big shudder and a big groan he fills my mouth with a real torrent of sticky cum! I remember clearly how please I was to have had him perform so beautifully for me knowing that at his age he should be able to recover before too long! ... And so the video shows because......

After a gap which I seem to remember was only about 15 minutes there I am again, snogging again but this time only with my nickers and holding and slowly rubbing a nice big stiffy with one hand and rubbing the front of my pussy inside my nickers with the other! Jake has one hand on my nipple which is really really stiff! As the action moves on Jake first of all sucks and nibbles my boobs and then eases my nickers off. We are clearly both very keen and ready for action and I hear myself asking "Would you like to come in?"" Oh God yes" is the reply! so we clearly fish about for a condom which I unroll for him (pretty expertly I think) and lie back legs wide and high and just guide him in. All I remember after that is his lovely slow push up followed by that fantastic in and out when I just want to feel the guy all the way to the top and hope he feels me gripping him. I want him in there so much and I don't care whether my hubby is watching or not. Of course eventually after 5 minutes or so we change positions to doggy style first and then later me on top easing myself up and down on his tools and rubbing my tits and then eventually he sits up and you can see my bum as I sit with my back to the camera straddling him and guide is cock into my very wet pussy ..... and that's when Jake shot his second load. I remember thinking what a very nice compliment before I asked if he'd mind if I got Rog to finish me off by licking my pussy!

The last bit of the video is just that me sitting facing the camera and Rog with his head between my legs licking and fingering me until I cam with an overwhelming shout!

What a reminiscence! So please excuse me while I go and relive the last bit myself with me vibrating friend!