Written by Ted

29 Jul 2011

I left you last time with Jan my wife in bed with Luke, I had witnessed them having sex, I knew then after watching them and seeing how much my wife enjoyed the sex I could never match that okay Luck is a lot younger man also quite fit and in good shape the years have taken there toll on me I have let myself go to seed a bit, the one thing I could never match he is quite well hung at the time I thought he was huge but with hindsight now I know he was a little over average the only thing about it was it had a really wide girth two years ago we where both a little naivete about such things and only really had me to compare him too, and I am not to well blessed any way

Also I didn't relies at that time a change had come over Jan, some thing that's with us today and most likely with us for the rest of our life's maybe she didn't relies it either but it had happened, I now wonder if it was her age a hormonal thing or a awakening of some thing that been there all along and she or myself never knew about in all the years together but it had happened, it had started off as a bit of a fantasies on my part and she had admitted she was course about sleeping with another man to fined out what it be like and we had both agreed to give it a try lit it happen, in both are minds we must of thought it be a one off, how wrong can you be,I wouldn't blame either of us now I had encouraged it I know in lots of way we both wanted to try it,

Jan had been with Luke twice now once in his car and now in our marital bed, I had jest watch her have him in a missionary position they lay there in front of me both still breathing quite heavily and a bit sweaty laying on there backs, Jan had a hand on her forehead she exhaled and said bloody hell,Luke jest smiled and seemed pleased with himself he jest screwed and emptied his balls inside my wife as her husband had looked on he would be please with himself, his dick now deflated lay on his thigh looking very wet it glistened in the light, Jan's legs where parted her genial area looked pink slightly reddish the lips puffy and rolled back a little and almost gaped open a white trickle had run down to her bum she was laying in a wet patch that must of come from her as they fucked,I had started to feel a little embarrassed for some reason I had my dick out and maybe I was concerned about its size and I had shot my lot on the carpet,the silence was broken when Jan asked me to pass her the tissues as if it was a normal thing, I did and then asked them if they like a drink how weird is that, they both said yes so off I go down starts to get them one, I came back with two glasses, they had moved to one side so Jan was not in the wet patch and where sitting up taking like this was a every day thing my wife naked in our bed with another man, if it had been us two she have the covers over her,it was really strange to me the three of us sat there me on the foot of bed talking I had tissues by my feet that my wife had used to wiped another mans sperm out of her pussy with it seemed a bit unreal to me at the time

As we talked I noticed they get a little closer to each other Luke cupped a tit and tweaked her nipple that seemed to set them off again Jan held his cock as it grew in her hand she was soon going down on him she knelt with her bum towards me her pussy lips hanging down I could now see jest how open they where I could see her opening she been stretched for sure, she then turned to me saying would you minded sitting over there darling your a bit in the way, I moved back to the chair and watched as she got him hard which didn't take long, she then swung a leg over him and straddled him she lifted up and a hand hers pointed his bell end to the right plaice she sat back as I sore it disappear inside her with ooh and a little gasp slowly at first she moved on it she was soon bouncing away her tits bounced and swung her nipples rock hard sticking out, she was like a mad woman on top of him it was not one climax that ripped threw her but loads of them he was trying to buck under her, in the end he pushed her off, he got behind her lifted her to her knees and rammed into her Jan's head was down he seemed to want it up he pulled on her hair to do that so she supported herself on her arms and I think it was the first time I had seen a stud go to town and how they can fuck the thrust made Jan's tits swing at first it was like single thrusts but very hard ones till he picked up the pace and got faster the room was filled with gasps pants and long moans cry's as screams almost it got really loud on top of that there was this slapping as they meet with each thrust and our bed banged on the wall it went on and on Jan would drop her head he pull on her hair in the end he had forced her head right back god he never keep this up then with huge grunt he jerked shock with his cock as deep as he could get it in her as he let another load go inside my wife this was pour sex lust and Jan was loving it

When it was all over they had a shower together I left them to it, I was in the lounge when they came down Jan in a dressing gown and Luke still naked he picked his closes up and got dressed we sat there like nothing had happened jest talking it unreal, I have to admit Luke is a likable guy and it was me that was asking when he could come back he was saying he has to be careful with his wife and kids we had phone numbers and it was left to be arranged, he was to be a regular visitor over the next few week we learned a lot off Luke over that time even now we see him from time to time we are good friends it was the the start of a very new sort of life for us from then on I will tell you a lot more till we get to where we are today Jan is in the kitchen right cooking she has one of my shirts on to cover her tummy there was last pit fall at the end and we slipped right into it