12 Jul 2018

I used to feel I had something to be ashamed of, that I was different to everyone else. No more though, I’ve met too many people and heard too many stories that I now know it’s a fantasy shared by a lot of men (and a lot of women too). I don't care what other people will or will not admit to, but the truth is, the thought of my gorgeous and incredibly sexy girlfriend J using her body, her mouth to pleasure another guy or a woman and to see them give her what she craves while I watch is almost too mind blowing to describe. It’s a common fantasy but admitting it is a risk. What if she calls me a pervert? What if she decides I’m not the guy for her?

I had enjoyed a period before meeting J where I did get to live out these fantasies with a very highly sexed woman who couldn’t get enough of my cock and inviting another guy, OR another woman was just adding on to what was already an amazing sex life. I’d told J some of these stories of those times and they didn’t seem to faze her. So, I started to fantasize while we were having sex. J has the most amazing body, gorgeous pert tits, curves and an ass that when she arches her back and sticks it in the air I almost can’t hold back from coming straight away. Going as far as to picture a guy who used to join me and my previous girlfriend for threesomes, standing behind her fucking her as she sucked greedily on my cock. When I had plucked up the courage to tell her what I thought about while she was sucking me, she seemed to rock backwards and forwards even more. Ass high in the air like she was also imagining being fucked. Was she having the same fantasy? Or just feeding into what she knew I was thinking? Either way it worked, my mind always went into overdrive and I often felt like I would pass out. It was only a fantasy though, I adore J. I’d convinced myself that I’d never actually want that with her. But it’s always there, in the back of my mind. I guess it’s my release, it’s a world that nobody else gets to know and it’s safe because it lives in my head. That was until the unexpected happened….

This night, J had been asking me all sorts of questions about what I used to get up to. She wanted to know where, when, who with and what did we get up to. I told her of times with couple, with women and with the one guy who’d become a regular with myself and my girlfriend at the time. As I told her the stories she looked at me with the look that told me she was hungry. J has a way of looking that I would defy any man to resist. Like she would devour you in an instant. She took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom.

Lying me down on the bed, she didn’t waste time. Kneeling between my legs she sat back on her heels. As she raised her hands behind her head to tie her jet-black hair in a pony tail, I knew she wanted to feed. She always takes the time to tie her hair back, I love that I can see her eyes as she takes me in her mouth. Her dark eyes staring at me with a lust that no one has ever looked at me with. As she tied her hair, I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. Her soft brown skin, the curve of her waist from her hips and her firm, pert tits with those gorgeous suckable nipples. I still find it hard to believe this woman is mine, that she can’t get enough of me. I watch as she bent to kiss along my thigh, biting as she worked her way up. Reaching my cock, she kissed gently at first, licking the length as my hardness continued to grow. I moved my hands down to feel her, but she pushed them back, holding my hands down by my side “don’t move” she said.

Licking up the length of my cock, pausing to move back to so she could look at it. It was almost like she’d forgotten I was there, that she was just so into what was before her that was all she could see. She continued to lick, kiss and nibble my length. Only looking up at me momentarily to make sure I was enjoying it too. J loved to please, she had a hunger for my cock, but she also always wanted to please me, to give me the ultimate pleasure and she never failed. This woman, my queen while beautiful to look at also had a way of given pleasure and an appetite to match. She could make any man forget his own name.

She continued to work her way up my length, then hovering her lips over the tip. I was craving the feeling of her lips wrapped around my shaft. I needed to feel her take my length into her throat. I wanted to grab her head and thrust into her, but she held me. Kissing the tip, flicking her tongue out before suddenly plunging down onto me. I cried out as my cock went straight into her throat, she held it there sucking and moving her tongue around. I have no idea where she learnt these things, but J could do things with her mouth that no one I ever met could. My eyes shut and a feeling of ecstasy washing over me as she slowly worked my cock, I could have exploded there and then but I didn’t want to. I wanted to savour this. Luckily J knows when to hold back and when to work it, getting me to the edge of exploding and then easing off so I don’t cum too soon.

I could feel J getting into a rhythm now, her head gently moving up and down. As I opened my eyes, I looked down to see her rocking back and forth. Her mouth firmly locked onto me, her back arched down so her gorgeous round ass was thrust up in the air. I looked past her into the mirror behind to see that amazing backside, gently rocking backwards and forwards, her pussy glistening where her juice was already flowing. I wanted to taste her so bad. I would never get tired of tasting the juice that so readily flowed from her, so sweet. As she rocked my mind switched to imagining a guy standing behind her, fucking her. She was rocking in such a way that this wasn’t hard to imagine. I could just picture a guy I already knew, his hands her ass with his fingers digging into her flesh as her eased his cock in and out of her. With what J was doing to me and the thought of what she could be having done to her, it was almost too much. I closed my eyes again, lost in what was happening. It seemed an eternity when I suddenly felt J stop and work her way up my body, kissing her way up to my neck. I felt her now soaking wet pussy over my cock as I tried to push my hips up to meet her, she was in control now.

With her body weight on me, she bit my neck before working her mouth to my ear. I could feel my cock at the entrance to her, then just as my cock was sliding into her she whispered….

“I was imagining being fucked while I was sucking you”

As she slid down onto me, she stared at me. She was waiting for my response. I couldn’t reply, I was lost in this feeling and shocked at what she’d said.

“I was imagining the guy in the story you told me earlier, fucking me while I’m on all fours and your cock in my mouth. It was so fucking horny”

I managed to get my words together. “I was imagining that too, looking at your ass rocking back and forth like that. I was picturing him holding your ass and easing his cock into you”

She started to ride me, rocking her hips as I pushed up. I wanted to be deep, I wanted her to feel every inch of me. I pushed her back onto the bed and flipped her over onto her knees. Facing the mirror now, she could watch me behind her as we fucked.

“Yes baby, fuck me hard you fucker” she cried. J always lost it when we fucked, she’d shout things at me that just drove me wild. She was no longer the soft, loving, gentle J I know by day. She transforms into a wild, sex crazed woman who needs to be fucked hard. She likes to feel every inch of me as I thrust deep into her.

I grabbed her hair as I pounded her, pulling her head back as she shouted at me to fuck her harder. I could hold on no longer, as I felt a surge from deep inside I pulled out and shot over her ass and her back. Collapsing on top of her as I did.

We both laid there, exhausted. Looking at each other, not knowing who was going to speak first. I’d long pictured a guy fucking her while she sucked me, but I never thought I’d hear her talk like that. She was looking at me like she wasn’t sure what I’d say.

“So, did you enjoy imagining that?” I asked

J bit her lip, she paused for a moment and leant in to me to kiss. She moved her mouth to my ear...

“It was fucking amazing” she said “I don’t think it’s something I’d ever actually do… but then I also said I could never imagine it and I just did”

She reached her hand down to my cock, which was still semi hard and began stroking it.

“I would like to just let go and do something crazy like that, just step out of real life and go wild. I just love fucking you so much and would never want to spoil that”

“Nothing would ever spoil this” I whispered, before moving down the bed. Opening her legs, I wanted to taste her. I could not end tonight without feeling her pussy against my mouth, my tongue pressed inside and tasting the sweetness.