Written by Dave

8 Sep 2007

I recently wrote about Jane giving one of the residents of the care home where she works, Jim, a soapy wank. She has told me she can't explain why she did it, as it was the first time in over year working there that anything like that had happened.

I don't know if it was because of that incident but the next day Jinm said he was leaving there and returning to his flat, as the home was expensive and he could manage ok. He gave her his address and invited her to come round if she wanted.

She asked me if it was ok and the very next evening I watched as she showered, put on an all black outfit of basque, black satin panties and seamed stockings. She then wore a black full length slip under her white nurses dress.(Jim had said it turned him on). The fact Jim is in his seventies somehow made it more exciting.

Apparently, this is what happened. When she got there, unannounced, Jim invited her in but sitting there was also a half-caste younger man, with a frame like a body-builder. Jim introduced his son, Steve.

After a few minutes, Jim took her off to the bedroom. What about Steve she asked. Jim explained that his mother was black and that he knew about them, so it was no problem. He straight away had his hand up her skirt and pulled her panties to one side. He then got his cock out and tried to push it straight up her. She was very impressed with his erection. Unforutunately it was all a bit much for him and he came all over her slip before he could even get her panties down.

He apologised profusely and they went back to the other room. Jane was desperately hoping that Steve might want to take her now but he just made conversation.

When she was leaving though, he passed a note to her with his phone number.