Written by Posty69

14 Nov 2012

Further to my two other stories ( away in a caravan ) it finally happened, My wife (Jean) now a converted black cock lover was out with her friend Dee obviously on the pull for any fit guys with cock. I was at home as usual waiting for her to get in late with a pussy full of spunk, which i would lick out and then fuck her hard.

On this occasion she arrived home with her friend Dee and the two black guys they had picked up, she walked straight over to me pulled up her skirt and showed me her knickerless and swollen pussy.

She then said "you know what you have to do now" and i went to kiss her pussy but she pulled away and said " Dee first " so Dee came over and laid on the sofa and spread her legs I quickly without hesitation put my head down and began to eat her juicy spunky pussy.

Within minutes she was coming and i mean coming, filling my mouth with these delicious juices. Then it was swap time and the wife turned me onto my back and sat on my face just letting her mixed juices run onto my face and into my mouth, I licked her to orgasm and thought would i be allowed to fuck Dee.

My thoughts was quickly halted as the two black guys were now fingering both Dee and my Mrs. It was now the shock came Jean stopped the guy from fingering her and said " It's your turn hubby put this black cock in your mouth and suck it until it's hard" I hadn't reckoned on this but in no time at all the black guy had turned around and had his cock to my lips.

I was in shock but opened my mouth and in he slid right to the back of my throat I gagged but he was fucking my mouth so i had breaths on the out pull, I was now sucking him and surprisingly enjoying it, he was soon hard but i did not stop and he didn't pull away and the inevitable happened and he shot a great load of spunk into my mouth to which i swallowed the lot.

I just about got my breath back and the other guy was looking for attention I glanced over at the wife only to see her in a 69 with Dee.

I now had my second ever cock in my mouth and felt good ( dirty but good ) it took about 5 minutes before he was coming in my mouth also.

Over the next hour and a half they both shagged each woman in turn,and i did notice one was fucking Dee in the ass which made me come once more (in my hand of course).

The guys soon left after that, I went up stairs and was lying on the bed shattered when the wife said " your jobs are not finished we both need our pussies cleaned".

They both got on the bed laying next to each other and i was instructed to lick Dee then after about 30 seconds i had to lick Jean and kept on swapping until they had both been cleaned up and had come again. Thinking that was it i got up to go to the shower room when Jean ordered me back and said " Dee is laying there naked and you are walking away man, get your cock in there she needs a good shagging off of you and then it's my turn"

Jean's cunt was heaven so smooth and just seem to suck my cock in and what she was doing with her cunt muscles had me coming in minutes, I rolled off of her and Jean jumped straight on me but allowed me to get my strength back before riding me hard. This was probably the best night of my life but also the most knackering ever ( cleaned and fucked two pussies and sucked off two big black cocks ) can this be bettered i ask myself.

Well there is always Dee's ass i haven't fucked and of course mine also have not had cock in it. (YET)