Written by treecreeper

6 Sep 2013

Sorry to be so long but the past couple of days has been manic for reasons other than sex. But today I can concentrate on letting you good people know a little more of the fun I had last weekend with Adam, my lover, and Mick, his divorced mate who somehow found himself in the same hotel as Adam and I when we were about to have a sexy night together.

As I had said, I wanted to allure the guys, take advantage of the situation that now I had two cocks to pleasure me, then I was going to tease them a bit and strip my remaining clothes slowly, hoping my body was worth the ogling and inspection, my husband, some miles away at home would have loved the knowledge of two men preparing to lick and fuck me and doing sexy things with me, but I thought that if I got some pictures sent from Adam's mobile, then at least he would have something to excite him while I got spoilt with affectionate shagging and lustful sex from what I hoped was going to be a bit of repeat action and a few helpings of lovely spunk in and around my body.

I asked for them to find some music, the TV came up trumps and I danced with each of them, allowing gropes and kisses for starters. We had a break for drinks and then started again, but this time I got them to sit on the bed and watch as I danced for them, stroking my body in what I hope was a sensuous way for a while before I closed in on them and turned my back and asked Mick to unzip me. I felt it slip down my back, exposing the bra straps, opening my back for inspection. I let the material fall and stayed with my back turned until the dress fell to my hips, then I shrugged it off and stepped out of it, then bent down showing my bum and picked it up, folding it and placing it neatly away. It was then that I suggested Jim should get included and Adam took some pictures of me standing in the room in just bra and stockings and sussies. He took a few and I got one of both guys so there was no mistaking the fact that I had double company. We then proceeded to break off occasionally to keep the flow of sexy pictures supplied to our house, receiving generous praise for the situation and the sheer horniness of the situation for us all, who was I to argue?

I knew my pussy was also exposed when I bent down, and heard a sharp intake of breath as I did so. I was now just in bra and stockings and suspenders. Mick said his wife never dressed up like that and he was blown away, what a nice compliment to receive, it made me feel even more sexy and determined to give a good fuck to Mick when he got a chance, (we do respond to complements guys, it makes a lovely difference to merely jumping the bones and ignoring us once you have come)

Adam stood and released my bra, I felt very wicked at this point, watching two pairs of eyes scanning my body, desire, lust and wicked thoughts all spinning in my head. I asked the guys to undress for me and sat in an armchair away from the bed. There was no hesitation as they obeyed, but also no sexy stripping either, but I was glad they both removed their socks, nothing less sexy than a guy naked but still in socks, sort of dissipates excitement.

So now I had two guys naked in front of me, erections looking almost fully hard, just a few sucks and strokes and we would be fully loaded. I could sense the smell of sex as we stood close to each other, cuddling and groping. Adam took me to the bed and Mick came alongside the edge of the king sized bed. I lay back with my head on a lovely soft pillow and watched as Adam spread my legs and disappeared to his favourite haunt, my wet cunt. Mick watched Adam and I took his cock and diverted his attention by licking his shaft, stroking his nicely thick cock, before drawing it gently between my lips and starting to give him a good cocksucking. He sighed and gasped and whispered how good it was, I tasted his precum and felt the smoothness of his cockhead with my tongue and his taste was really nice, addictive even.

Adam did his normal magic on me, making me cum on a gentle but sustained level, his nuzzling effect doing superb things to my pussy. Having shaved myself regularly, the smoothnesss of my skin against his tongue really made me feel good. I felt spoilt, two men both giving me satisfaction which I find hard to beat, I admit to myself I do love cock.

Mick said he was close to coming and I said I hoped he could go again if he did. He said that would be no problem so I took him deep again and gave him my special lick, suck method which soon brought my first taste of lovely spunk of the night. My gyrations as I drained him roused Adam, who now decided to slide his cock deep in me and make me drive my hips against him, sinking more of his lovely cock into my pussy and drilling myself onto that tool of his, I needed fucking and Adam knew I would be like a cat on a hot tin roof for the next hour or so, seemingly insatiable. Is it me or him or a mixture of both with the added ingredient of naughtiness knowing my husband was wanting this as much as I do.

Adam's fucking was controlled for a time and Jim got a picture of Adam deep inside me as Mick recovered. I had noticed to my delight that his cock was thickening and his red cockhead stretching menacingly, I looked forward to taking him inside me to sense the girth and length of this new cock. Adam soon came as I tightened my muscles and milked him, feeling some lovely spurts of come as my cunt muscles wanked him, and not a hand in sight.

Adam rolled carefully off me, a string of come attaching us temporarily before breaking. My slit had a sliver of come leaking from it and Mick sent a shot back to hubbie whose reactions were 'Bloody beautiful' from the text speak. We rested and I suggested Adam went down for some more drinks as I did not want room service in case they got a bit uptight. He donned his trousers and shirt and disappeared, giving me time to get Mick fucking me. I sat astride him telling him how good things had been so far. He said he had never experienced anything like it before. We exchanged phone numbers and I said I would meet him again soon and suggested if he had some fantasy, that maybe we could act it out if he wanted. He was very enthusiastic about the thought, then I said, 'that is if you want to fuck me again?' His enormous smile said it all and we kissed and cuddled and then his cock just seemed to slip deep inside me and sent me direct to heaven again.

Adam returned to the room with a small tray of drinks and put them down on the bedside table and joined in. As I was on top and Mick's cock was deep in my cunt, Adam saw my bum was on show and available. I felt his thumb press gently against my hole and slowly enter, then withdraw. I felt this three or four times before I reached across to my handbag and passed him some gel. He needed no second bidding and lubed his cock up and then my anus very gently, then I felt his shaft touching and pressing gently but firmly into my ring. It gave and I felt the incredible satisfaction of both guys in me and fucking a hole each. Right then my mind was doing somersaults but the intense feeling was fantastic as I got the double pleasure complex which I have read about but only partly experienced a couple of times before. This was something else, Adam got all the way in and Mick was fucking me steadily but had his hands full of my boobs and sucked on a nipple occasionally.

All too soon Adam shot his lot and this triggered Mick off, I had been in a state of limbo, not sure what was happening there were just too many sensations going on but the spunk shower brought me alive again. The anti-climax of losing those lovely cocks as they withdrew with a lot of heavy breathing and sighing, they were knackered.

Time for a drink and then another session. I lay naked for them, Mick constantly touching me as if it were the first time he had ever done this, Adam a bit more relaxed but very touchy feely too...It was way past one in the morning and Mick said he had to go as he was working the early shift and would be lucky to get any sleep unless he departed. I watched him dress and he kissed me and thanked me again, I said it was Adam he needed to thank as he had planned it, but I said he was most welcome and his grin told me a phone call would be reaching me from him very soon.

With Mick gone I gave Adam a telling off for not letting me know beforehand, then sucked his cock again and told him to fuck me again. We did but did not come, I think we had stretched ourselves just that bit more than we expected. We then slept heavily and woke in time for a fuck before breakfast and the end of a brilliant night. I was home with hubby by lunchtime and got a call from Mick that evening. I will tell you about that after this weekend when Adam is working and Mick is going to meet me.