Written by treecreeper

19 Jun 2014

My wife of thirty years, Barbara and I have the enviable lifestyle where she can enjoy sex with other guys and I sometimes get to witness the fun. My previous true story took place in the early eighties and this came from the same era.

As was normal she went out with girlfriends on a Friday night maybe twice a month when I was happy looking after the kids and waiting for her return, sometimes with knickers and sometimes without, but usually with a spunk filled cunt. On this occasion she was out a bit later than expected. I remained alert and when the phone rang I was told she was with a friend at a house, the address only a few hundred yards towards town, (York)

She told me that there was a conservatory round the back, down a ginnel (alleyway), and I might get lucky enough to see something if I was quick and quiet. I asked a neighbour if he would mind childminding while I went to meet Babs, Stan was a great friend and very trustworthy, being delighted to be of use anytime. He came round and his eyes lit up when I produced a glass and his favourite tipple, some whisky. With that I was off towards where I hoped to witness a bit of fun. Going past the front door, I saw the lounge was lit and then counted the number of houses to the corner, and then the ginnel which was in darkness. I found the back gate but it was too high for me to see over and the view from the gap in the two gates was poor, but by a stroke of luck, an old bike was leaning against the wall to one side, two flat tyres and rusty chain told me it had not been ridden for a bit, but by leaning it against the wall near the gates, I was able to stand on the saddle and peer over, perfect.

The sight meeting my eyes can only be described as heaven for any voyeur. Her friend and the guy she was with were just leaving the room, and Babs remained on the sofa with her top missing and the guy with her stuck firmly between her gaping thighs, giving her a good licking. As she is well proportioned, her body looked very fuckable and I urged her lover to do more about it under my breath. I am sure my words must have carried to his subconscious because within seconds he was standing her up and removing her bra, skirt and panties, leaving her just in a pair of fuck me quick black hold ups. He led her to some gym equipment which was housed in the conservatory, jus the other side of the gates, very close to my vantage point. I hoped my face was not visible but he showed no interest on other than Babs naked body and what he was going to do with it in front of my unnoticed gaze.

He laid her across a bench and stripped himself, a fit throbbing cock appeared, about my length, seven inches but a bit fatter. He offered his cock to Babs and she took it happily between her lips. They spoke but there was no way of hearing what was said and anyway those details were definitely secondary to me, I was enjoying the real show of two people enjoying bareback sex unaware of my presence.

She sucked him long and hard and he knelt and licked her too, then his cock was introduced to her cunt, she lying back on the bench and him sliding his cock deep in her. They fucked slowly and then fast before changing positions so she was kneeling on the bench, her breasts dangling and swaying as he took her from behind. She was facing me and her grin was as wide as her cock filled cunt, the joy of it making her grind herself back against his shaft to get as much in as possible. When he shot his come she bucked rapidly, coming herself as she begged him for all his lovely hot spunk right up her. I almost fell off the bike but regained my balance to see her sucking him clean and then they strolled naked to the door and the light went off.

I waited to see if they returned but the light came on in an upstairs room and I assumed they were going for a leisurely extra fuck before she came home. So alighting from the bike I returned home, making an excuse that Babs was bringing a drunken mate back to stop the night and that she was going to be about half an hour. It was around two hours before the door clicked open and my well fucked wife stripped her clothes in the half light of our bedroom, she asked if I had seen anything and I said I had seen her being stripped and fucked. She said they had been screwing for the whole time she went upstairs with him and he was keen to have her again.

I was very pleased with myself and sank my length into her cream pie pussy, loving the silky slippery sensation of her lover's come coating my cock as I added a third portion of cum deep inside her.

Babs loved the sensation of different cocks and whispered that she was glad I had offered such an arrangement for her to be able to meet other guys. I slept very soundly with my sexy wife dreaming of more fun to come, and it did. until the next time, when I will give you more smutty details of our favourite hobby