13 May 2017

Wed live in a nice quiet small town south east of York. The house is sited reasonably remotely being at an angle from other properties but in direct view of two, one of which overlooks our back garden and can see into our bedroom from their front bedroom, the other is a bungalow and so has no such advantage. An elderly lady lives alone in that one, while a middle aged couple has the larger house. Their son has been at Uni for three years and has come back to the nest in debt and out of work, fairly typical of nowadays. It was just three weeks ago that things began.

Jason, the son was set to work by his parents doing the garden and cutting the grass while they worked. He was fairly fit and unusually for so many, eager to do a good job. He was nicely on top with the weeding and trimming and had tended the next door garden as well to the delight of the arthritic old woman who loved her garden but had little energy to do it. My wife Liz commented on his good workmanship and also that he seemed to be in his bedroom looking across at her whenever she was in our back garden.

I came in from work to find Liz in a funny mood, all skittish and jumpy and a bit red faced. I asked what was up and she said she would tell me over a cup of tea. I went into the lounge and was presented with a cup and we sat down. 'Jason has flashed his cock at me' she said. I was now giving full attention to what she was saying. I asked what had occurred and she said 'I was upstairs cleaning the windows when I noticed he was in his room. He put the light on and wlaked around a little making sure I could see him and then he disappeared for a few seconds then came back to the window completely naked and very hard then he wanked for a few seconds before he shot his come down his window, then he smiled and waved to me, then he disappeared' I asked whether she was alright and she grinned at me and said 'Yes, I was shocked but when I calmed down I felt all sexy' At that I took her hand and led her upstairs and stripped her naked and fucked her like a bull at a gate, she was very vocal and I encouraged her to think of what Jason might do to her with that cock of his which made her even more rampant. After i had shot my load we laid together and I asked if she fancied having fun with Jason and she said his parents were going away for a week the next Monday to use a holiday flat in Menorca leaving him at home. I felt a plan developing knowing Liz liked extra cock but we were discreet and our neighbours just thought we were very ordinary working people.

At bedtime she was up for it again and she said it might be fun for her to return the compliment if he was around the next day. We fucked again that night talking about her forthcoming adventure. Next morning we were as usual up and around by half past six and I was ready for work, Liz in her dressing gown and doing a few chores, frequently looking across the road to see any movement from Jason's bedroom. His parents left for work around eight thirty, I had already gone off.

At a quarter to nine his curtains opened and Liz saw him staring towards her as she was in our kitchen. Her dressing gown was loosened and she took some washing out to the line, taking up a position where the breeze was going to blow the whole thing open, the sash cord slipped more loosely with a bit of help from her hands and Jason was staring intently at the scene. Hanging some sexy bras and panties on the line a sudden gust took the gown wide open, her naked breasts and cunt was immediately exposed for a few seconds before she had a hand free to struggle to cover up. The winds of the past couple of weeks had been quite strong and it proved futile trying not too hard to look demure so she gave up and hung the rest of her hand picked underwear up without bothering to cover up.

Back inside she went upstairs to change. He was in his bedroom watching and once again naked and sporting his hard cock. Liz chose to wave to him as she stood similarly naked and in full view of him. Following our discussion she was now to dress in sexy underwear and parade herself, making him know she was on for fun with him if he wanted. Knowing their phone number she was to dress in matching bra, panties and suspender belt and put on stockings then ring him and invite him for a cup of tea. She got her gear on and put on some make up and did her hair then picked up her mobile and rang his parents landline. She saw him disappear downstairs then his voice from the other side of the road behind the glass of the lounge as he answered. She asked him if he was ok and he said he was fine thankyou. Then she asked if he liked what he had just seen and he said she was lovely. She invited him across for a cup of tea but asked him to slip some clothes on first.

He said he was going to over in a couple of minutes and then they were together at just after nine thirty in the morning. Liz was still just in her underwear and kept asking if he was sure he wanted her because she had never done this before and if he felt uncomfortable then they should go no further. Jason assured her he loved her body and Liz told him to follow her upstairs if he wanted to get a bit more passionate. She led the way knowing her bum was mesmerising him as she swayed it from side to side. As she reached the top step he reached his hand to feel her cunt between her gorgeous thighs and she stopped to let him feel how wet she was. Then led him into the bedroom. She turned and started to hold him and then they kissed and she felt his cock stiff beneath his jeans and then undid the zip and freed it, getting a warm, hard, smooth stalk in her hand which she told him felt very appealing.

She let him strip her down to her stockings and suspenders which he asked her to leave on and then she stripped him before kneeling in front of him and swallowing his nicely proportioned cock, average length but hard as iron and ready for plenty of fun. She had her panties removed and her cunt licked as she sucked him. Sixtynine has always been a firm favourite of hers. His tongue was penetrating her lips and she came as he licked her. University had obviously not been wasted.

I received a phone call at just after twelve with the news he had gone home but had fucked her twice and she had made arrangements to take him into our local woods while his parents were away for some outdoor fun as well as making discreet visits to him after dark when prying neighbours would not see. These and a few other revelations might be revealed later if you wish