Written by Playing in Edinburgh

29 Mar 2018

Julia and I have been married for over 25 years but have slowed down our swinging activity in recent years - lots of real life stuff getting in the way and it had probably been about 3 years since we last played.

A recent trip to Edinburgh lead to us dipping our toes back in the scene

We checked into our hotel friday afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon in the hotel bar where we had several drinks and some food . We retreated back to the room to get ready for going out in the evening and fucked in the room, pretty energetic session where the unusual experience for me was Julia turning me over to rim my arse - this is very unusual as she doesnt usually go near there

After we had fucked we got showered and dressed, but in the midst of getting dressed Julia was still a bit horny and dropped to her knees and started to suck me off. Once she had me hard she asked me if I wanted to fuck her arse . Now this is also something that doesnt happen that often so I was happy to oblige - bent her over, quick lick from behind and put my cock straight up her arse.

I then fucked her arse for some time and she seemed to be enjoying it which was great - basically in the past anal has been something she lets me do very rarely and when it did happen it was only me that really got into it, she kind of tolerated it but this was different, she was getting off on my fucking her arse and was urging me to come in it. Unfortunately as it wasnt that long since i had come in her cunt I wasnt able to come again so had to give up after a while. Julia was disappointed I hadnt come but I pulled out and washed my cock

The sudden receptiveness to anal by Julia - basically she asked for it - is new, not sure why the change in attitude.

We dressed ourselves and went out - story to be continued about where our night lead us to