Written by Hubby subb

24 Nov 2014

As my hubby was typing away -arranging the night ahead , I slipped into the tightest sluttyiest but classy black dress I could find , I had to find something slutty and classy because I didn't know what hubby had planned , could of been anything - or as normali as a drink in the local pub for all I knew , so I knew straight away a very tight classy dress would do , ithe dress was the kind of dress where it was so tight around my amble tits that a burst of the top button was all it needed to display my size 40 D tits l... Perfect ! Then of cause a long coat just to tease ! I'm sat on the back seat of our oversized merc purposely bought for sexual pleasures oh and not forgetting the very spacious back seat , we spend off down the motorway ! As for the night ahead I was turned on purely because my hubby had arranged it all regardless mmmm such a turn on ! So I'm sat in the back looking all classy ready too turn into the sub slut that hubby's training me to be , when hubby says , get you're tits out and spread your legs for next lorry that drives past . I wound down the window all the way feeling a little nervous which suprissed me , but obviously I never want to let my hubby down "never" would I do that - as I love being his perfect sub whore : I flashed my wet pussy and big tits to three different lorry drivers giving them a right eyeful - seeing the shock on their faces was a turn on for me as they of cause took a second glance and realized I was for real - blouncing my tits up and down and spreading my pussy wide so they could see as I rammed myself with a dildo , what a unexpected order by hubby - whiched turned me on - he's so dirty and perverted I can't help but be the perfect whore mmmm . As we pulled up onto a quiet street I sat and wondered what was planned for me next , then out of the darkness appeared a man , hubby wound down the window and exchanged a few words , then ordered not to get in the back with me but to sit in the front , he couldn't help but a swift glance at me , I was described down to a t for him by hubby and that's exactly what he saw " a tight bodied lady with curves in the right places a compact size 12 slut with very long thick Brunette hair accompanied with a straight cut fringe I could tell there was no disappointment , Evan down to the described Cheryl cole looks by hubby flattered to say the least by me, it had all been arranged so precisely to his way including no knickers and slightly opened legs ... mmm I love it !! So dirty ! And Evan more so looks and age wasn't considered for his plans of the man he was allowing to join us -- anyone any way looking would of done ! As long as they we're male - that was my planned criteria ! As directed by the strainger we drove to a perfect place to park . The lights went on in the back of the blacked out widowed merc , as a natural cumslut and a whore in the making - put it this way myDominate perverted Hubby makes 50 shades of gray a tame lousy joke ! The strainger as ordered by hubby got into the back of th car - you could taste and smell the well wanted and planned fueled fantasy before it took place . As I dived into cock mode getting carried away , I tried to get his cock out myself and saying a few dirty words , so disrespectful to my dominate as I look back, I got carried away with my cock hungry thoughts that's all , a mistake I'm still waiting to be punished for which I so deserve - I vowed to never make this mistake again ! We got down to business , ordered to take in turns on both hard already cut controllable wetness ocks whilst being extremely turned on by the fact that there was four eyes instead of two perving over me - my hot juicy pussy flowed with my dirty wetness which my dominant couldn't wait to feel I proceeded my whore duties by taking in turns on both big hard and horny cocks Evan tho the strangers cock wasn't to my liking due to being a cock that was thick which then had a dissapointing thin on the bellend as a spoilt cock whore that's always had hubby's perfect thick from top to bottom cock - I submitted my duties and took what I had to take - to my suprise hubby ordered me to swallow what I was given - which in as it turned out I was given extra by him pressing my head against his still covered come cock whilst he took liberties by working his cock around my lips around hubby was fine by this , " Can I fuck you " he said as I then replied that's up to my husband not me ! Hubby replied yes at a price of £60 I'll let you fuck her , he didn't have the cash on him but could of gone back to his flat if needed - he missed out on a opportunity which led him to beg my hubby for me - hubby said No ! But in future can be available to him when the cash was there - I was happy to be put on a plate to him - as I slid ontop of hubby's cock without the order to do so but was to desparate to remember to be told - I'm a naughty sub -horny cum cock slut waiting for another punishment I so deserve - hubby's ordered me to get it right for the next comand which will be a perverted old man - my dirty cunt isn't mine anyway - it's his to do all he wants with it .. When ever and where ever .. I vowed to be on my best submissive behavior as for all I want is to be his dedicated perfect controlled - 100 % whore - that hubby so deserves !!! Mmmmmm