Written by John_1965

23 Jul 2018

Its been a while since ive been back to the Dolphin, my work had taken me to the Wirral , i had Sunday afternoon off and i havent had any MM action for months.

I parked up , looking for some action i buzzed in and then went thru the process , money , key , undress , towel. A few in all shapes and ages , I cruised the floors , steam room , sauna and jacuzzi , then top floor sex video rooms , private and glory hole rooms but no one was nibbling .

I had a coffee down stairs and thought i would give it another walk a round , the sauna was ok a few attempts at fondlng and wanking , i moved on to the steam room there was one guy in there , we nodded at each other , then through the steam he was wanking , i thought “fuck it “ , i followed suite cupping my balls i wanked my shaft , he had a bigger , thicker cock than mine .

He moved over to me we shared a hot full on mouthy kiss then he knelt down and with no hesitation took me into his hot mouth from bellend to balls , he gagged and slurped away , wow i was loving it , i asked him to stand up and his impressive cock was in my hands and then in my willing mouth , i sucked him deep and sloppy , he was moaning , a few sly slaps on his arse added to the moment , we changed positions again , more sucking , a few punters popped their heads into the steam room looked and left us at it .

I suggested we go upstairs to a private room , closing the door my friend said he wanted to taste my spunk , well his oral sucking skill were going to give him is reward , we sucked and deep throated a bit more , then i stood up with my suckor kneeling he was slurping and i was fucking his mouth , looking up at me he mouthed he wanted my spunk , i pulled out of his mouth and i started wanking , he was now very vocal , the door to our private room wasnt fully closed so i could see eyes watching , then i got a twitch , i said i was going to shoot ,he opened his mouth and my 1st spurt went into his mouth the 2nd onto his lips , still wanking furiously , he cleaned me up ,he stood up and we shared a spunky hot kiss. I offered to finish him off , he said wanted to cruise some more , he thanked me then he was off , i showered and got changed , on my drive away and in the evening i was thinking what took bastard got to empty my suckers balls , next time im in New brighton i will pop in for some hot and steamy MM action .