Written by Steve29

27 Oct 2011

My wife was a very easy screw when I first met her. She would screw anyone who came on to her and was always in the back of cars or against the wall in pub car parks - great fun.

When we got married she had many sessions with strangers we met on the net and at parties / holidays etc.

But she changed about 10 years ago and stopped being fun with other guys because she thinks she's to old to compete with younger women although still a dirty bitch with me.

Yesterday I had to take my car to garage for a service - when it was ready they sent a car to pick me up. We recognised each other as he had had my wife a few times years ago. He said he often thinks about her and asked if she was still up for it. I told him she thought she was to old and he said that's a pity as her blow jobs were good. I told him to drop me at the garage and I would phone her and say someone was on way back to collect my insurance docs. Then I would drive back in my car slowly to give him time to try a come on with her.

I suppose I got back about 30 minutes after him, when I got home he was sitting on sofa with her head in his lap sucking his cock. Her knickers were off and he was fingering her while her legs were spread over the back of sofa.

Since he had last had here she had started to allow me to fist her which he didn't know - so I took over between her legs and he was amazed that she took a fisting - she did start to moan and stopped sucking him but he pushed her head back onto his cock.

When he had cum in her mouth he asked if he could take over between her legs . He loved fisting her as it was the first time he had found a women who did that.

We then both gave her a good threesome session and she had a few orgasms - looks like she has found her appitite again for multi guy sex .... That's the best car service I have had for ages.