Written by luckyguy

25 Mar 2011

After our last visit,written about on Jan 7th, we were both kept busy in our jobs and had little time for recreation. We talked about maybe visiting Dave in Leeds again and Liz was always excited as I suggested how he would use her body. Tonight was to be the night that she got and took the opportunity to travel solo to meet him at his narrowboat, currently moored in Clarence Dock. After a hectic preparation time, she kissed me goodbye at ten past eight and hurried away towards Leeds.

I sent a few texts requesting that some pictures sent by mobile meant I was not completely forgotten. She had travelled in a short kilt with stockings and suspenders almost visible beneath. A pink loose low top and some sexy panties, see through with a matching bra. She looked highly attractive, her size twelve figure beautifully revealing yet tantalising for her lover.

Liz was hungry when she left and looking forward to something to eat before her meaty afters. I had a bath and sat quietly waiting with a raging hard on, a strange feeling knowing your wife is being fucked by another man, often wondering exactly what might be happening at any given moment yet dangling with tension and anticipation, a game not for the faint hearted. I have played this game many times in the past, each one having a special memory I am able to recall.

Of course the reunion when she returns with the cat that got the cream look on her face and my explosive emotions as I seek the story of her meeting, fantastic and wonderful. I have requested he ensures she returns home minus her skirt and underwear, which I hope he manages to convince her to remove before she gets in the car. I will get a text telling me she is on her way, but that will be hours yet.

I wait, naked and freshly shaven around my cock, the TV is no company, I am on the hot tin roof, agitated, excited, pacing about with a lust mind working overtime, a very sensuous feeling indeed. This is what Fridays are for.

My mobile goes and a picture of her standing in his boat next to the black leather sofa, naked except her stockings and suspenders, a wide grin on her face. An even wider grin on mine. Next a slightly blurred picture of her sucking his cock and better one of her cunt being licked and getting a lovely seeing to. A nice close up of her lovely tits with her nipples showing how she is loving Dave's attention. Then two spent condoms on the side, wrappers beneath them and spunk in each.

One and a half hours go by and then a picture of her stripped off in the car, just her jacket and blouse on and the rest of her clothes in the back seat. She texts that she is setting off very shortly and will be home just after one in the morning. I remind her that she could easily make some lonely trucker's night if she manages to flash him by flicking the interior light on as she overtakes. Her reply is she is going to use the motorway so anything was possible.

At ten past one she arrives in the drive. I am waiting for her and notice she is still as she set off. Picking her clothes up, she walks to the front door and in. my torment is almost at an end. She enters the lounge and i embrace her and welcome her home, asking where she has been.

She says she has been a naughty girl and has been to Leeds to meet a man called Dave. he had taken her for a meal and then a drink before luring her to his narrowboat. I ask how she has been naughty and she whispers in my ear as she strokes my aching cock, 'Dave has fucked my cunt several times and made me come' I slowly undress her and start to play with her very wet cunt, stroking and probing gently, getting her juices worked up, I can feel her cunt swollen with lust and delve deeper and make her come again. She says she has been playing with herself on the drive home but there were no truckers around that showed any interest as far as she knew even though she had passed a few and even slowed down a little without making it too obvious.

She bends and takes my cock in her sweet mouth. I ask if she did this with Dave and she whispers 'Yes' I then ask if he had licked her cunt and she nods. I ask what he did next and she says he took her to his bed at the front of the boat and put on a condom and fucked her doggy style before exploding inside her. She said that after he had fucked her first, they lay next to each other and snoozed for a while and then she woke and started sucking him again. His cock responded and soon she was straddling him and feeding his cock in bareback, just wanting to feel how lovely his shaft felt minus a condom.

Dave was delirious and this resulted in him screwing her deeply as she rode him. Apparantly she intended to stop and get him to put a condom on, but in the heat of the moment she kept fucking and screamed happily as he shot his spunk up her.

In the aftershock of what had happened they kissed and fondled each other until he hardened once more. The duvet was long lost and the bed an utter mess but they were now like animals according to Liz as Dave screwed her again, Liz insisting for some strange reason that a condom was required. As she has stopped having periods over a year ago, I am not too concerned and Dave is clean so there should be no repercussions. We shall see.

We were now both naked except for her stockings and sussies and on the sofa in our lounge, my cock plunging in her well used cunt and the silky feel of come from Dave as I shaft her lovingly, telling her I love her deeply and hope she goes to him again soon. These words send me over the top and I collapse pathetically across her, at peace with the world again. These helter skelter moments are in my opinion unmissable and so sexy. Lucky wife gets screwed by another guy and I get to hear about it and sometimes participate too. Variety is the spice of life