Written by star2010

13 Aug 2010

4.45pm A text lit up my mobile, reading; “I’m leaving in 10”. I logged off the computer, picked up my bag and left the office. 5 minutes later, I parked up in the same spot I had visited at lunchtime, with Steve. I was still moist, and now seeing Darren parked in his car, on the opposite side of the lane, I was heating up again.

I turned off the engine, flicked on a CD, slid the chairs forward and got into the back seat. The other door opened and Darren got in. Darren is a big lad. He is tall, broad and has the build of the darts players, back in the days when they drank beer as they played. I love a man with a strong back and Darren makes me feel safe and secure when I’m enveloped in his arms.

We did the 2 minutes “How was your day” conversation, then I moved slightly closer. He immediately pulled me into him, and kissed me passionately. His tongue thrust into my mouth. He’d obviously had a hard day! Seconds later, his hands pushed under my silk blouse and felt for my bra. His fingers pulled at the lace and dragged it down, and he grasped my nipple. He squeezed hard. Darren knows how this gets my motor running, and already in the mood, my juices started to flow.

We were kissing hard and tongues rolling around, coming up for air and moaning. My hands ran down his chest but he stopped me as he tried to undo my top button. I laughed and helped him, exposing all of my bra. But that wasn’t enough for him, he flipped my bra over my breasts and instantly leant forward and covered my nipple with his mouth. I was in heaven as he sucked and pulled at my nipple. Gasping, and breathing hard.

His free hand shot up my skirt. I widened my legs and tilted my pelvis forward. His hands were moving like lightening. He wasn’t interested in touching me through the material of my pants, he was pulling them off, quite roughly. My excitement doubled. His hand covered my entire pussy and he squeezed and rubbed it, my blood pumped into the area as he manipulated me. He was still sucking at my nipple and waves of pleasure flowed through me. His fingers then parted my pussy lips, and he paused and looked me straight in the eyes, smiling. He had just realised how wet I was. His fingers raced all over my pussy and clit, I couldn’t believe the speed he was working! As I moaned and circled my hips, he whispered “Have you brought your toy?”

I reached into my toiletries bag and pulled it out. It’s 8 inches and bright red, but Darren is so open minded it doesn’t phase him in the slightest, he has no hang-ups. He took the dildo and slid the end into his mouth making it wet. He parted my pussy and pushed the toy against my skin, sliding it up and down. He pressed the button and started the vibration, moving it over my whole pussy. His face, only inches from the toy showed he was completely absorbed in concentration. After a short while, I could see he was trying to push it inside, but not wanting to hurt me (he is an angel). I carefully shifted position and slid my hand down to both open myself up, and to guide the end of the toy to the opening. He pushed ever so gently, until the tip entered. OMG I was in heaven.

He turned his face to mine and watched, as he pumped the toy back and forward, I writhed in ecstasy feeling it hard inside. Then he leant forward and sucked on my clit. I groaned out loud, as he sucked and sucked, still thrusting the vibrator in and out. Juices poured out and covered the toy, you could hear the soft squelching sound as I came and came. Again he watched my face, and when he saw my relief, he kissed me hard, and slid the toy out. I was drained.

As we sat back, he held me in his arms. I reached over and pushed my hands between his thighs, sliding them up and down. I kissed his neck (his weakness), and pressed my lips against his ear, breathing softly into it. All the time, my hands were working, and slid over his soft suit trousers. I traced the outline of his cock and rubbed him through the material. When I felt him harden, I stopped kissing him and whispered, “Let me have him”. He quickly unzipped, unbuttoned and pushed his boxers down. His cock was oozing precum. “Look what you do to me. It’s like this all day, watching you walk around the office! I have to wait 5 minutes before I can stand up from my desk.”

I held his cock in my hand, licked my lips and bent over him, taking his cock slowly into my mouth. My tongue circled him, and I sucked and slid my head up and down over him. Sliding him out, I licked up the precum, and then let my tongue glide up and down the length so he could watch. I pulled the foreskin down exposing the head and rim, and licked at them with my tongue. Again precum oozed. I could hear his breathing quicken and slight moans. As I took him in my mouth again, his hand gripped the door handle and tightened. I have long blonde curly hair and it kept falling in the way, so I pulled my hair to one side to give him a better view. Each time I slid down over his shaft, my hair fell again. He scooped it up gently in his hands and held it back for me so my hands were free to pull him as I sucked. I slid him out whilst still wanking him, then let my tongue rest on the head of his cock as I did. I pulled quickly and licked and circled and sucked the end. “You are gonna make me cum quick doing that” he moaned. I nodded slightly and continued sucking harder and feeling him swell and grow in my hand and mouth. His moans got louder and I knew he was close, feeling the heat of his cock. I took his entire cock deep in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. He exploded in my mouth and I felt the hot cum around my tongue and against my throat. Still sucking, but more gently, I waited for the stream of cum to stop, then quickly swallowed it. I licked his cock clean and sat up. He kissed me so passionately, I knew he had enjoyed it.

We sat and stroked and teased and kissed for another half an hour, and chatted about work and home. Then our time ran out, and we had to go our separate ways. As I drove home, down the motorway, I could still feel the wetness between my legs, and I couldn’t help smiling to myself as I rubbed my thighs together. It had been a good day.