Written by Tad_bovis

18 Mar 2016

The previous entries I wrote were in the Fiction genre. To be honest my imagination did run a little wild but a lot of the details were correct.

Sharon and I did live on the Hack estate in West Germany. We were heavily into the swinging scene there. Many of our friends joined us, both men and women.

Now back to our tale.

The next morning Sharon woke me from my nights sleep on the settee. She whispered "Dave is leaving now. He said he will see you later at work". I heard the front door open and the unmistakeable sound of them kissing then the door shutting.

Sharon returned. She was naked, looked exhausted, and the smell of sex was really strong on her. She went to the bathroom to shower. I followed her.

While she showered I sat and watched her wash. Everything she did she did with care. She told me everything was very sensitive and when touched it sent waves of pleasure through her. I noticed a couple of things. Her nipples were enormous like truck wheel nuts. Also her pussy looked swollen her clitoris standing proud. She turned to wash her feet/legs. OMG, her arsehole had been used obviously been fucked (one thing she did not let me do).

As she dressed I showered. From our bathroom I could see into the bedroom where she was dressing. On the bed and on the floor I noticed her selection of sex toys,six in total of various shapes and sizes, the biggest being a 12 inch strap-on used during our sessions with other 'wives'.

During breakfast Sharon described what happened last night.

As soon as I left for drinks last night she was all over Dave. She pushed him down onto the settee and began sucking his cock. Licking up and down his length and his balls. He really loved it when she stuck her tongue in his japs eye. She lowered herself down onto his cock her pussy struggling to take hie length and girth. But take it she did. At one point she just sat there impaled on his cock and orgasmed while it twitched inside her. Then he moved her onto her hands and knees and continued to fuck her hard. After he came she collapsed on the floored. She thinks she fainted because the next thing she remembers is him taking pictures of her come filled pussy. After recovering she began licking his cock clean while he took more photos. Thats when I returned.

I was rock hard after her account. Realising this Sharon took me in hand and sucked me dry. God it was good.

At work that morning Dave never said a word. He smiled at me a couple of times but that was all. Until it was home time. Dave approached me and said. "Hope you are ok with last night. Sharon told me it was one of your fantasies to have someone else fuck her, she was incredible".

"I am fine with it", I said, "Maybe we can have a proper threesome next time".

Dave smiled, "What about more. Beverley, my wife, would like to meet, do you fancy that? Plus I am sure we could find more blokes to join in".

"What", I was shocked by his suggestion, "don't think she wants more men".

He whispered in my ear "Don't forget about the photographs".

Blackmail. It was then I realised that Sharon and I were going to play by his rules and I was more than willing to do so and I am sure Sharon will be happy to play too.

To be cont.