Written by fanny

15 May 2009

After our holiday and our adventure with the Greek fisherman hubby (Bill) and I talked about our sexual fantasies me 2 men him watching or being watched but to be honest we did not do much about it. A year later I gotr promotion PA to a MD and we bought a lovely house on the outskirts of Bristol. A few months later a couple we were geting friendly with Ken & Barbie (yes that was there names) invited us to a barbecue. We were first to arrive and I went to the kitchen with Barbie Bill to the barbeque with Ken. Barbie immediately told me we have invited a few couples who we are friendly with and I must tell you we swap partners A LOT, if you are not interested okay we understand and with that she gave me a glass of wine and we joined the men. Bill came to me whispered did Barbie say anything to you I nodded and said we shall wait and see what happens. A little while later the couples arrived plus 2 guys dressed as if they had just come of the tennis court tight white shorts and tennis shirts, one of the women whispered they are invited because they have very thick cocks. The barbesue went well lots odf wine was drank and I noticed a lot of fondling was happening amongst the couples in fact I was sure Barbie was giving someone a wank. Bill and I were feeling horny he had his arms around my waist and was pressing his very hard cock into my back as we watched procedings. The 2 guys came over to us and asked Bill was it okay he nodded pressing himself harder into my back and cupping my tits at the same time.

Each guy started to kiss me and just stroked my arms their hands wandering at will over me, Bill started to take down my zip on my dress and it dropped to the grass leaving me standing with just a pair of black silk french knickers. One of the guys knelt in front of me and pulled them down over my thighs and started to lick my pussy. The sensation was wonderful Icame very quickly. Bill meanwhile was rubbing his cock up the cleft of my arse and his fingers were massaging my bottom. No 2 guy took my hand and placed it on his very stiff cock, he nibbled my neck which I love, as my body shuddered to another orgasm I was layed gently onto the grass and soon 3 men were taking me to sexual heaven I do not know which one put his cock in first but I did not care all I wanted was another orgasm.

I grabbed a cock whose I do not know and started to suck In a few minutes I was rewarded with a mouthfull of hot spunk, followed soon after by my pussy being filled with hot spunk.

Bill said turn over I did getting on all fours he fingerd me from behind rubbing his cock into my spunk filled pussy then with a push he was in me and fucking me stromg and hard, his voice in my ear saying it feels good watching you being fucked. We both had shuddering orgasms and collapsed onto the grass.

When I came to my senses and looked around all of the couples were either being fucked, sucked or licked by someone it was so horny just watching it. After a while we dressed and left everyone else was into their own thing and did not notice, as we passed through the living room to the front door our hosts were being thoroughly fucked by our 2 tennis player guys.