Written by Lizziw

6 Jan 2012

I,m Liz, I,m 42 years old but I have been told that I could pass for being ten years younger. I,m a size 8 with long dark hair and firm boobs. Gavin and I married eighteen years ago and I have never considered cheating on him and I,m pretty sure that it was the same for him. We had the usual fantasies when we were making love but I never had any real desire to live them out. I had only had sex with two other men before I married Gavin, I had told him this and I used to joke with him that his cock was far bigger than either of them.

Our lovemaking had become a little less frequent and possibly a bit boring but he was always very tender and would make sure that I orgasmed. If he came before me he would often go down on me and finish me off with his tongue. I in return got to enjoyed giving him blowjobs.

About six years ago Gaven got a substantial tax rebate and he surprised me by booking a long weekend city break in Barcelona. We flew out from Gatwick and on arrival in Spain we checked into the hotel that he had reserved near the city centre. That evening we found a great restaurant near to the hotel and then after a few more drinks in a local bar we returned to our hotel room. We undressed each other then shared a shower before making love. That evening he seemed far more relaxed than usual and we must have fucked for several hours before we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning after breakfast we visited the Miro museum then found a small Tapas bar near the harbour for lunch before strolling along the Ramblas looking at the stalls for gifts for family and friends.

As we walked back to our hotel we passed a club called Bagdad, we stopped to look at the photos by the door and realised that it was a live sex show club. Gavin asked if I would like to see the show. At first I was unsure because it was rather expensive, I think it was about £50 each, but Gavin seamed quite keen so I agreed. Gavin bought two tickets from the booth.

The first show was due to start at 11PM so we continued sightseeing then returned to the hotel where we showered and changed. I put on a short loose fitting skirt and a sheer blue blouse, as usual I did not wear a bra neither did I wear any knickers.

We had dinner at the same restaurant that we had found the day before then got to Bagdad about 10.30. We were shown down stairs where there was a small square stage with curtains around it. There were rows of plush seats on three sides. We were told that we could sit where we liked and sat in the centre of the third row. Drinks were brought to us. We looked around and saw that there were probably twenty other people including five or six other couples seated around us.

Some more people arrived and a young couple sat in the seats next to us. They were speaking French and another couple seated just behind us were speaking German. Several men on their own were seated in the front row next to the stage.

A group of half a dozen women chattering in Spanish arrived and settled in the front row of seats to the side. We guessed that they were a hen party and had already had a fair few drinks.

The French woman next to me must have heard us talking as she asked me in English if I had ever seen the show before, I explained that this was our first time in Barcelona and also in a club like this. She laughed and said that her husband had taken her to a few similar clubs in Germany and Amsterdam and they had helped improve their sex lives.

The curtains opened and a young blond appeared and danced for a while then did a very sexy striptease, when she was naked she lay on her back on the circular bed in the middle of the stage and fucked herself with a large black dildo. The next act was a black girl who appeared wearing a tiny white bikini. She sat on the edge of the stage facing one of the single men and pressed her large breasts into his face. She took his hands and got him to untie her top and then the bottom of the bikini.

I could see that she was stroking the front of his jeans, she whispered something to him and I saw him nod, she then undid his zip and pushed her hand inside and pulled his erect cock into view. She then undid his belt and pushed the jeans and underpants down. She showed the audience the condom that she was holding and opened the packet and rolled it on his prick. She then pulled him forward and guided him into her pussy. He started to fuck her her with sharp jerky movements until after a few minutes he groaned and stopped moving. He sat down and pulled his jeans up as she showed the audience the filled condom She left the stage to applause.

I looked over at Gavin, I glanced down at his lap and I could plainly see that he had an erection, it was forming a bulge down the inside of his thigh. I moved my hand and scratched my nails along the length of his cock. I looked towards the French couple and saw that she had her hand inside the fly of her husbands trousers and moving slowly. I nudged Gavin and when he turned to me I flipped open the two top buttons of my blouse and pulled it open a little, far enough for him to be able to see that my nipple was hard and swollen.

The curtain opened again and this time a couple walked on, she was wearing a long red dress and he was dressed as a naval officer. Soon their clothes were on the floor and they were sucking and fucking in many positions as the circular bed rotated. One of the group of Spanish girls was cheering, I think that she was the hen as she was the only one wearing a tiara. She was very drunk and lifted her sweater up over her head exposing her bare breasts. Her friends goaded her and then helped her onto the stage. She bent down and

kissed the breasts of the woman on the bed. The man stood up facing her with his huge cock pointing upwards. The hen reached for it and tried to bend down and suck it but he moved away. The girl on the bed stood behind the hen and stroked her tits, she said something to her and the hen shouted "Si Si" She fell back on the bed and raised her legs and lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off. She had a mass of black pubes. The man showed her a condom and when he had put it on he fell on her and slid into her as his partner stroked and sucked on her breasts. Her friends were all clapping and cheering, then the man withdrew from her a pulled the condom off just before he shot a stream of semen on her belly. The couple then reached for a towel and helped clean and dress her before guiding her to her friends.

I then noticed that I was pressing my fingers against my fanny through the thin material

of my skirt, I felt a hand on my thigh, for a second I thought that it was Gavin before I

realised that it was the french womans. I opened my legs a little as the hand crept up my inner thigh until it reached my pussy. I could sense Gavin watching me as a fingertip started to rub my clit, I knew that in just a few second I would cum. I looked left and saw that not only was she fingering me with her right hand but she was also wanking the now fully exposed cock of her husband with her left. She slid her fingers down and pushed

two or three into my soaking cunt. I was afraid that I would scream but Gavin sensed that and as his arm was around my shoulders placed his hand over my mouth just as I stiffened

and started to tremble. I bit his fingers as I tried to control my breathing.

I closed my legs trapping her hand against me until I relaxed a little, she was still wanking her husband and just as he was getting agitated she dropped her head into his lap and sucked his cock into her mouth as he ejaculated.

I thought that this would too much for the audience but when I looked around the German woman was on her knees sucking her partner as well..Another older single man sitting a few seats in front was obviously wanking himself too.

Gavin had lowered his hand from my mouth and down onto my breast where he gently pinched and squeezed my nipple, I undid another two blouse buttons so that both my breasts were visible. Gavin moved his hand away just as the french woman sucked my nipple into her mouth, she rolled her tongue around it and I could feel that her mouth was still full of her husbands semen. She lifted her head to my ear and asked if my husband wanted her to suck his cock too.

I relayed this to Gavin and said that I had no objections. In seconds we had swapped seats and I watched delighted as she skillfully sucked a mouthfull of cum from him. After that we tidied ourselves up and watched the remaining acts. Another couple fucked and sucked and there were several more strippers and a lesbian act before a grand finale of all the acts naked together on the stage.

As we all left I asked the french couple if they wanted to join us for a nightcap in one of the nearby bars, they agreed and for the next hour we enjoyed their company. They said their names were Yves and Melanie and we arranged to meet again for lunch the following day. Gavin and I walked the short distance back to the hotel. What happened next is another story.