Written by zephyr

1 Oct 2014

There have been many stories on here of females having bare back sex outside their marriage. There have been no mention of alternative protection from pregnancy so how don't they catch. My wife has given birth to three beautiful children, now all grown up and we have two grandchildren. However I know I am the father of the first child but the second one I am not to sure. We were outside in a field of long grass when we were caught. The outcome being was that the other chap mounted my wife and filled her with his sperm. He was bigger than me and brought my wife to a shattering climax. We then stopped having sex to see if she was in the family way. Lo and behold she gave birth to a bouncing baby.

Moving on a few years and having moved house a divorced friend was sniffing round my wife. I couldn't say much because I had been playing away as well. We knew this chap had had the snip so there was no chance of him impregnating her. However an Irish friend who was also divorced came to stay with him for a few days - well she ended up having the two of them at the same time. Yes you can guess she fell pregnant again. Therefore whether this child is mine, I have my doubts. Yet another baby - that made two boys and a girl.

We raised the three children as if they were both our children and they were registered with me as the father. The only way we have of telling whether I am the father is by having tests which I am not prepared to do as it could cause difficulties. As far as I am concerned we are a happy family with no reason to doubt otherwise.

Now the reason for my posting is, has any other couples experienced pregnancies outside of the marriage and how have they reacted to it?