Written by Durhamdad54

15 Feb 2018

Well it finally happen my bbw wife of over 20 yrs has had a threesome I was not allowed to watch but through the bedroom door I heard every thing

How did it all start well 6 yrs ago I suffered a small stroke and to be honest getting hard for sex was a struggle she never mention it will last week when we decided to spruce up the bathroom several workmen came and she flirted with a few when I brought it up she said all those cocks in our house I feel I want to fuck them all

Fast forward to today three tilers came to put new tiles in and she made no doubt about it she fancied the older of them nothing happened till about an hour into the work when she entered the bathroom watering only a small towel her tits where almost hanging out and her arse and pussy was too ok she shouts I will be in the bedroom nude my legs open any of you three wanna fuck me then stormed into the bedroom the older one said fuck mate is she for real cos I got a semi on here I sheepishly said she serious she shouts form the bedroom what’s a women got to do get a fuck

Straight away the older said you ok with this mate all I could do saw nod ........to be continued if any interest