Written by Durhamdad54

15 Feb 2018

The older one pushed the bedroom door open turned to the other two blokes and said fuck me she not kidding her cunt is wide open and looks wet suddenly everyone rushed into the bedroom including me the younger one was told by the older one go on son start licking he was there in a flash slurping for England and the others stripped off to show her the stiff cocks she saw me and said no ! No! you fuck off into the other room you can listen but not watch as I left I watched she sucking the old ones cock she said you babe can have all my holes

I listen for the next half hr as I heard she screaming moaning and the headboard banging the wall ten to the dozen I could hear the three of them laughing about me and also heard how big her fanny was and how she was gagging for a cock in every hole at same time

Suddenly after half hr the three blokes returned to work and I was told to clean the used slut up as I entered the room I saw her spread eagled there was love bites on her tits and thighs her fanny was swollen and leaking spunk I noticed her arse was also leaking spunk even her tits got its share I have never seen so much spunk in my life

Right you wimp she said lick my hole clean I dived in and did as I was told it tasted strange salty and hot I suddenly realised I had a boner on she then made me listen how they all shagged her arse and fanny the older one took her arse while the young one had her fanny it’s been her fantasy to do this and she loved it I have been told the workers are going to do it again soon and they will tell they mates so I think I have become a willing cockold