5 Dec 2015

I've told of a few of my escapades on here, (and have many more to tell) this one is again 100% true, and happened on Wednesday 2/12/15.

I have been in contact with a couple looking for a guy to fuck the wife, but this one had a twist, the husband needed to be humiliated...Personally I've always thought watching the wife cum on another man's cock was humilliation enough, but for a fresh pussy would play any game they wanted.

Note: Names changed.

Sam contacted me first telling me he liked to watch Julie being dominated and fucked by another guy, I responded telling him I was experienced in gang bangs and cuckold ing, also that I'm married, but "once a dog always a dog" and therefore discretion was highly important...We exchanged a few emails and realising he needed to be dominated told him to call me Sir, he sent me wonderful porn of Julie being gang banged and fucked in anyway you can think of, I then asked to have direct contact with her, she laid out the scenario clearly.

Despite my many escapades, apart from rubbing cocks when being in the same mouth, I've never done anything with a guy, but have been wondering lately what it would be like, I suggested to Sam that he might be allowed to lick Julie's cunt juice from my cock, he was receptive and Julie told me separately that he had sucked cock...Game On!

I told Sam to prepare Julie for me with her pussy and crack well shaved and him to be the same, he was to wear a maids outfit with a pink ribbon tied to the head of his useless cock, we arranged to meet in a hotel roughly halfway between our homes...

I arrived from work in my suit, the door was opened by a tall blonde maid in crotchless tights with a pink ribbon tied to his little cock, Julie was seated near the window in a pushup bra with stockings and suspenders, very nice, after a quick kiss and a fondle with Julie she told Sam to undress me, this he did on his knees, starting with my shoes & socks, I took off my shirt, he pulled down my trousers, hung them then pulled down my pants, my cock was at the lazy lob stage, so quite big but not standing, asked him if he would like to suck it "Yes please Sir".....and for the first time in my life I was getting my cock sucked by a guy, and he was very good at it! I gave it a minute or so and went over to Julie, she sat on the bed and took over where Sam had left off, she was excellent, I complimented Sam on having an excellent cock sucking wife, he thanked me...I pushed Sam back on the bed and squeezed his dick and balls, telling him he had done a good job of making them smooth, again he thanked me...

By now I was rampant and wanted pussy, I pushed Julie back on the bed, pulled off her panties and got my mouth on her smooth cunt, it tasted lovely, she started to quiver and had a little orgasm, I needed to ram my now throbbing cock in her pussy, Sam dutifully handed me a condom and I pushed deep into Julie's wet cunt, she couldn't take it all so we worked out a rhythm so she was getting about 80% of my 9 inches, all the time she was telling Sam how good it was being fucked by a real man with a real cock, Sam's cock was about 4 inches and not hard, he was taking pictures of my cock and Julie, but not my face, after a bit I flipped Julie over for a doggy, Sam came over and spat on the condom for extra lube, I pushed Julie's head down to the bed so I could fuck her harder, unfortunately she just couldn't take all of my cock so after a bit I laid on the bed, had her sit on my face and told Sam to suck my cock, one of the nicest things I've ever had, a nice tasting pussy on my face and soft lips on my cock, heavenly!

I started to get the need to cum, so knowing that Julie wanted to tastes my cum I flipped things around and started fucking her mouth, Sam was back to taking pictures, eventually I cum my load in her lovely mouth, she milked it all out of me then dribbled over her chin for Sam to photograph.

After Sam wiped her clean we ad a short break before Julie got her rabbit out and fucked herself to a cum while we watched, I opened her cunt wide, fingered her and got my cock back in her mouth while this was happening. We then had a drink and Sam took off his wig and earrings, after a bit my cock started twitching and we started fucking, I showed her the scissor position which she hadn't done before, it allowed Sam some good pictures of my cock and her open cunt, Julie still couldn't take all my cock so in the end and after another excellent cock suck from her I decided to wank over her face, I told Sam to join in and he dutifully beat his little meat as I did mine, we both cum and managed to cover her face and give her the proverbial "pearl necklace"...

Things sort of wrapped up then, we had a good chat, they are a great couple who I'd like to play with again, at the end of the day it was an experience being sucked by a guy, if all as god as Sam, one I would repeat, but funnily enough I didn't and don't want to reciprocate.