Written by Mrp12314

14 Sep 2015

After my last instalment it was Saturday mid morning when Jess and I were having breakfast and I was filling her in on me fucking her over the pub picnic table whilst Graham fucked belinda over the other end while we all watched each other. Then about Jess giving belinda a long hot kiss goodbye and then telling her that she straddled me in the back of the taxi and fucked me while the taxi driver pulled over and wanked himself and fingered her arse as she rode me. She couldn't remember anything apart from going outside to the picnic table. She thought I was having her on. I told her graham and belinda had invited us to theirs for a BBQ this afternoon so we had better get ready soon. Jess said if what I had told her was true that she was having second thoughts about going as she would be too embarrassed. I told her not to be silly as we all enjoyed it and they will be fine about it. We were all drunk. She agreed to come and we got ready. It was only casual so I just wore shorts and t shirt. Jess wore another short summer dress similar to the one she wore the night before.

We stopped off at the shop for some drinks to take then got to their static around one. Their car was there but they were nowhere to be seen. We walked about and shouted them. When we heard them shout back that they were in the old farm house. We went over as they both came out covered in brick dust. Graham just in shorts and belinda in denim hot pants and a vest. They apologised that they thought we were coming later on and they were just getting more work done to the ruined building. They showed us around the house. It was a ruin. No roof. No floor boards. Bare walls and some walls were just a pile of bricks. They told us it had been abandoned for over 30 years after a bad fire and they had bought it a year or so ago and were doing the work themselves. I said I would give them a hand if they wanted as I'd done some renovations myself. So me and Graham said we would do a few hours on it now as the girls prepared the salad and food for the bbq. I gave Jess my t shirt and she walked back to the static with belinda as me and Graham barrowed the loose bricks to the back of the house where he was cleaning them up and placing them on pallets to re use. He had about 6 full pallets already and easily would have another 6.

Jess came over with 2 cold beers for us and said belinda was just having a shower before wondering off back to the static after giving me a kiss.

Me and Graham sat on the bricks drinking the beer talking about the night before and me telling him about the taxi.

He said they had a great fuck once they got back too. As I was telling him in detail about the taxi he said "fucking hell im getting a hard on now" and laughed. I placed my hand on his groin and said "oh yes you are. You will have to get it out" with that he stood up and stripped naked. I knelt down and took him in my mouth and sucked him off. I said I was turned on too and stripped naked too. I told him I wanted him to fuck me as I was feeling so horny. I spat on his cock then bent over the bricks as he placed the head of his hard cock at the entrance of my arse. Slowing pushing it into me then working up a rhythm. It hurt at first but then became a pleasurable pain after awhile it felt great and he was pounding into me with me telling him to fuck me harder. Getting carried away i heard a voice. It was the girls. They had brought us more beer. Jess screamed out "what the hell are you doing".

We stopped but didn't pull out as I said I'd been telling him about the previous night and that she hadn't remembered it and we had got turned on so we thought we would relieve each other.

I thought Jess was gonna have a right go but instead she turned to belinda and said "I can't remember kissing u last night so kiss me now and jog my memory. If they are having fun I can't see why we can't" and with that grabbed belinda in an embrace and snogged her.

Belinda obliged and snogged her back. As we watched them kiss and caressing each other's arses Graham started to slowly fuck me again. With us both watching them. Jess pulled away. Looked at us and dropped her dress to the floor. Grabbed belinda said head and pushed her mouth onto her breasts. Looking straight at my eyes as she shuddered and came as belinda was now sucking her nipples and fingering her.

Graham speeded up fucking me hard as we watched our wives together. By now they were both naked too and were in a 69 licking each other out. As Graham fucked me he was wanking me and I came. Not long after he filled my arse full of his cum.

We went to the girls and watched them as they made each other cum. It wasn't long before we were both hard again from watching the show. The girls looked at us and laughed. Then we all walked back to the static where we all sat on the grass. Leaving our clothes at the house.

I apologised to Jess for acting before asking but she laughed and said she was shocked at first seeing him fucking me as she thought I was just up for sucking and that I didn't have to apologise as she had to admit that she had kissed belinda in the static when she came out of the shower and had tasted her before they headed over to catch us at it. We all laughed and said well that's broken the ice then.

As we all laid together naked I kissed Jess and said I could taste belinda on her lips. She said "well why don't u taste her pussy for real as I want Graham's cock." With that she grabbed his cock and pulled herself over to him taking him in her mouth. I watched before going down on belinda.

We all kept an eye on each other. Watching every movement. As Jess straddled Graham and as she lowered herself onto his shaft I entered belinda. I caressed jess's arse as she rode his cock and belinda stroked along Graham's thighs grabbing his balls as I fill her with my seed.

I roll off belinda and watch my wife getting fucked by another man. Something we had talked about but never thought it would happy but Jess was loving it. Belinda started sucking on jess's breasts as I watched the three of them. Jess had orgasm over orgasm. Screaming loudly. My cock got hard so I stood up and got Graham to suck it as my wife fucked him and his wife sucked my wife's tits. It was all amazing. Jess helped Graham suck my cock then belinda joined in too. Three mouths and tongues lapping at my cock and balls. Then Jess wanted me to fuck her and she pushed me to the grass and straddled me. Riding me hard and fast. I watched belinda go down on Graham tasting my wife's juices on his cock.

Jess shook violently as she came. Digging her nails into me. Making me bleed. Once her orgasm faded she rode me hard again. Calling to Graham saying. "Graham u fucked my husbands arse now fuck my arse" as she gripped her arse cheeks pulling them apart. Graham did as he was asked and fucked her arse. With two cocks inside her she moaned and screamed in pleasure as it was a first for her. I was fingering belinda as she laid beside us and she came and was so wet I told her to stand over me and let Jess lick her out. It looked fantastic. The view of my wife sat on my cock with a guy behind her fucking her arse and a woman's pussy over my head with my wife's tongue deep inside her.

Belinda came again. This time gushing out. It covered both mine and jess's faces as Graham said he was gonna cum. Belinda told him to cum over me as she just had. He pulled out and pointed at my face. By now Jess had got off me and laid next to me hoping to catch some over her face. As I turned and kissed Jess. Graham shot his load onto our faces as his cum slid into our mouths as we still kissed. Belinda said that she wanted to see my cum on mine and jess's faces too as she wanked me with speed. As I said I was gonna cum Graham grabbed my legs and lifted my body up so when I came it would fire onto my face. As belinda aimed just right. My load shot onto my face splashing jess's too. As we both laid there belinda and Graham began to kiss and clean our faces. What an experience. We stayed naked and had the bbq late into the night. Fucking more in an all out foursome with no holes barred.