Written by BCands

18 Oct 2007

Following on from the last part, BC had taken J as her lover in my absence. I was away working in Singapore and she was waiting for me to return before we moved on to another posting. BC is a girl with healthy, lusty appetites and gets hungry really quickly ! She is a great looker, tallish with long legs, tight bum, athletic but with great tits and a large shaven mound. her pussy is fat lipped but really tight , lovely, I get a hard-on just describing it !!!

Anyway she\'d met J at a night out and had fucked him and several of his friends that very evening. J wanted more of her himself and proved to be an interesting and imaginative lover.

His big thing was to get Bc to his appartmnent, it overlooked a cental quad and had a railed balcony, she would arrive and after a drink and a bit of kissing and fondling, he\'d strip her off and take her onto the balcony in view of anyone or everyone. He would then give her a good shafting from the rear having bent her over and the crowning glory was always when he fucked her arse. BC was always very taken with the size of his cock. One of the larger specimens she\'d had the pleasure of. He would evidently work up a real sweaty pounding and then cum in her ass, leaving her on the balcony with his cum dripping out of her ass and down her legs. She would then stay there cooling down with a drink and letting anyone who wanted get a good look at her exquisite form.. The evening would progress from there, washing her and tidying her up he would dress her in basque and stockings or a thong and stockings, put a coat on her and take her out for the evening. They would go to pubs or clubs, on the train, walk up and down the high street, go shopping. All the time he would be exposing her, grabbing her ass, touching her up, undoing the coat so she could flash. She said that the best was going to a night club, they sat in a corner and he undid the coat completely, she was wearing a thong, hold-up stockings and high heels, so she sat there, splaying her legs to show off her thong and those fat lips, with loads of people getting a good eyeful and doing double takes, he sat next to her playing with her tits, rubbing her nipples and eventually fingering her pussy and clit. She has always been a wet girl but this used to send her over the top, multiple orgasms and plenty of fluids !

Another time in a similar outfit he took her for a train ride to London, in a compartment he completely removed the coat leaving her sitting there in just a tiny thong and hold-ups and high heels, she gave him a good tongue lashing, deep throating him and then straddled him and was bucking and fucking like a woman possessed when the ticket collector came round or is that cum round. He was too red faced and embaressed to say anything and stumbled off up the train. Several other passengers got a good view when the increasing noises drew them from their compartments. BC likes nothing better than an interested audience and proceeded to fuck him dry and bring herself off in an impressive cresendo.

I used to get all the details from my wife when we were on the phone, which was quite often, she the little devil was planning or is it scheming to put a threesome with us all together, but J evidently as previously reported was a jealous type and very reluctant. I know that a great pleasure for me was coming home and taking BC\'s ass, it was always an easy entry after she\'d had a heavy session with J !!!