Written by Tomcovenent

11 Oct 2011

They say, be careful what you wish for and they also say curiosity killed the cat. I don’t recall the exact phrase but they also say something about not looking in case you find something. Well, all of these things are true, at least in my case I believe I can safely say so.

On arrival at middle age, I know I am not alone amongst middle aged men married to middle aged woman in experiencing something of a hiatus in sexual companionship. I use the word ‘hiatus’ in the forlorn hope that in not accepting permanence, something might happen to end the famine! Perhaps that was why something did happen, perhaps there is a god? You have guessed no doubt that the famine did end, well, in a way it did and in a way it didn’t. Suffice to say at this point that things now are somewhat changed. There was I suppose a certain inevitability that change would arrive, I don’t want to swamp this with clichés but change is indeed the only constant! I believe that there was an inevitability because I have such a high sexual drive and did not just fade out as I am sure my wife and many other middle aged wives expect a husband to do, those who do not seek the attentions of younger woman anyway.

The cruellest thing of all was that my wife has never looked better, never looked so attractive to me. Yes her full breasts lost some of their perkiness, but they were larger, more voluptuous. Her bras were sexier, her panties slightly larger but to me even more appealing than they had ever been. She filled a dress beautifully and she continued to maintain herself in a most appealing way. But she no longer shared herself with me. At bed time she would slip off her bra after putting on a frumpy night shirt, I never saw her beautifully sculpted bottom – barely a glimpse encased in sweet slippery satin! Of course her pussy might have been well trimmed or a rampant runaway growth, I never got to see it. I seemed to live in a constant state of sexual arousal and, inevitably in the modern world, I fell upon the internet in the depths of the night, primarily reading erotic literature but also frequenting chat rooms and sharing the sad and lonely experience with other middle aged sex starved refugees. It became apparent quite soon that my own fantasies and indeed fetishes were not uncommon. Clearly there are a great many men in the world who would like to share their wives with other men, even though most don’t get to enjoy the wives themselves! I admit that it is my greatest pleasure, to discuss sharing my wife with other men and that this is not restricted to one man at a time but several, in fact the more men the more exciting is the fantasy. Of course it is only a fantasy and this allows some pretty extreme scenario’s to unfold in a free thinking idea sharing chat in the depths of the night with other free thinking middle aged perverts like myself!

Another little fetish which I share with many others, especially older men it seems, is looking at and handling lingerie. Sometimes this goes further and leads to undressing and actually dressing up in panties and bras and even stockings and suspenders. The urge to dress up seems to be closely associated with a subservience that is not reflected in my real demeanour. I am, in real normal, life in no way subservient, I am in fact extremely assertive and desirous of control. Perhaps this is why sexually I appear to be the opposite. I have even gone as far as obeying a group of fellow perverts and displaying myself dressed in full lingerie and even a skirt and blouse and finally masturbating for them whilst they do the same, some dressed too and also on their sad little web cams!

So there things were, a wife who had apparently come to the end of her sexual career and a husband, cavorting around in the dead of night or at every solo opportunity in his wife’s underwear and masturbating for his own and the pleasure of other like-minded middle aged perverts! So it might have continued until old age and the final curtain, but whilst searching amongst the panties and bras I made a chance discovery and a whole new world opened up before me.