Written by sexycouple69_

5 Aug 2012

Hope you liked the last story sorry for the delay but lets carry on....well she was now griping his cock stroking it up & down while he was now just kissing above her pussy still finger fucking her she was enjoying it as her moans of pleasure were becoming more sensual.

Jake now moved further down getting in between my wife's legs parting them with both hands while still kissing her thighs now moving up towards her pussy his cock rock hard just dangling above the sun bed. She was now laying there legs wide open with Jake now inches from her pussy, I could not believe how excited this was watching my wife being looked after by a black guy, I was stroking my now rock hard cock sat watching this amazing show in front of me. All of a sudden my wife let out a load moan as Jake tongue licked over her pussy lips, he was playing with her with his black tongue, her pussy lips were wet with her juices he started to probe is tongue deep inside her she was now moving and moaning in pleasure with each thrust of his tongue, she was gripping the sides of the sunbed which was now holding two people and had sunk more into the sand.

She was loving it I wanted to get her to suck my cock but she was well away enjoying the tongue fucking he was giving her. She was soon moving her body against his tongue faster and faster as he tongue fucked her her hands were now at the back of his head forcing him more in her pussy then she shuddered and let out a cry of pure pleasure as she had her first big orgasm cumming over his face, she just kept her hands on the back of his head until she stopped cumming. She then just let go and laid back looked at me with a big smile on her face saying that was the best tongue fuck I ever had wow I am still tingling. Jake by now had come up for air is face covered with my wife's juices, he was now straddling the bed is cock standing to attention my wife just leaned forward sat up a little and started to wank his very large black cock it did look impressive I would say at least 10ins and thick she could not get her hand round his shaft. She leaned forward and started to lick the end of his cock, by the way he was shaven just the way she likes it, she slowly started to lick the top of his cock with her tongue at the same time stroking his cock and balls. She started to go down on his cock but the way she was sat made it difficult so she changed position getting of the sun bed she knelt on the sand with Jake now sitting on the sun bed facing her, she soon had his cock back inside her mouth this time taking more of his cock deeper it went in what a sight she was now stroking and playing with his balls as she sucked his cock, I could not believe she could get his large cock into her mouth.

She then started to lick up and down his cock is sperm veins standing out as she move her tongue over his balls sucking and licking she was loving it. I was just watching not sure if to join in or just watch the show it was so good my cock now was leaking pre-cum. He stopped sucking his cock and got her to get back on the sunbed kneeling down so her bum and pussy is all we could see her head was resting on the bed what a picture, he was now stood behind her is black cock rock hard ready to fuck her doggy style he looked at me for approval I just nodded and with that he placed the tip of his cock just inside her pussy she just let out a gasp and pushed back onto his cock but he moved back so his cock did not go in any further he was playing with her holding his cock he pulled out and slid it over her pussy and arse hole what a sight big jet black cock against tanned white skin of my wife, he kept this up for a while then slowly started to place his cock inside her pussy pushing it in bit by bit, my wife was now moaning with pleasure as he teased her she was trying to push back on his cock but he kept in control and slowly started to fuck her in and out with just a bit of his cock then as he was moving in and out each time he would go in a little deeper and deeper then without any warning he thrust the whole of his cock deep inside her and just stopped and let it stay there the whole length deep inside her pussy, my wife just let out a scream of pain and pleasure at the same time and saying oh my god that feels big. He did not move for ages his whole black cock no were to be seen all you could see was his black balls against my wife's arse. He hand had come under her her fingers trying to feel his cock he then slowly moved his cock out of her her juices covering his black cock what a sight she could feel his cock as he withdrew the juices covering her fingers which she quickly put to her mouth tasting her own juices, all I could think of she must have cum as soon as he entered her with the whole of his cock.

It was then I noticed his cock was now back inside her riding her doggy style the sight of his cock going in and out was just incredible to see is balls slapping each time against her arse. She was loving it he was now fucking her hard and fast all I could hear from her were cries of pain and pleasure as he thrust deep inside her. Her head was moving from side to side she was trying to hold my hand as he fucked her then he tensed and said he was cumming my wife said I want you to shoot inside me I want to feel your cum with that he shot his load deep inside my wife's pussy, he kept cumming thrusting and jerking with each shot of sperm. He clasped on top of her arse his cock still inside her sweat dripping from him he slowly pulled out his cock still large and hard spunk dripping from my wife's pussy. She turned round as he stood there in front of her is cock semi hard wet with both their juices she leaned forward took is cock inside her mouth and licked the juices from. I could not believe she was doing this, when finished he kissed her and went of to get some more drinks she looked at me as to say what" smiled and licked her lips her hand now playing with my cock, she moved forward and straddled me moving down onto my hard cock her wet sticky pussy sliding down on my cock she started to ride me the feeling was weird her pussy was not tight it was sticky very very wet and I could feel his cum trickling down on to my balls my wife now started to kiss me her tongue probing mine and I could taste both of them she was kissing me hard when she tensed and came on my cock it was not long before I shot my load into her as well...

Just as we were finishing Jake came back with drinks as my wife climbed of me cum was dripping from her pussy, she went of to the sea to wash Jake just said wow man what a women that was agreat fuck.....more to cum so to speak.