Written by mandy

11 Feb 2008

Lying on a nudist pebble beach in south devon i was naked in the hot sun below wonderful red cliffs. To one side of me i saw 2 older guys in their late 60s sunbathing and chatting on their towels. I could see them glancing over as i read my book. As the morning progressed and the sun got hotter i took a swim in the sea and returned to my towel and returning their wave and smiles.

I re applied my sun block and was aroused by the way they blatently watched me. i applied the lotion very slowly and eroticly as i could to tease them. I wondered what they if anything they would do. Wearing very dark shades i could watch then without it being obvious and i was amazed to see that they were sat facing me and i could clearly see their exposed groins as they sat legs apart cocks hard although not very large. sat side on to them i noticed one touching his balls, while the other remained composed. Each were in a world of their own and not paying any attention to one another as they each focused on my 32 year old 34C breasts. My pussy was getting wet with the idea of these 2 gents getting an eyeful of my body.

standing up with my back to them i rubbed the lotion into my buttocks being sure to open my legs enough to show my pussy lips and hairy tuft. As i bent over to rub the lotion into my knees and ankles i could see back between my legs to see both their cocks hard and their amazed expressions. One was stroking his cock now and i could see his come oozing onto the pebbles. The effect was amazing, i just needed to feel a cock. Standing straight i turned and walked towards them. Walking the 15 paces or so they had time to cross their legs and hide their cocks. I asked if either of them would like some lotion. naturally they both said yes and i went straight to work on the guy who hadnt yet come.He lay on his back as i started on his chest.

\'oh did you spill something\' i said gesturing to the spent cum on the pebbles. My pussy was so wet and i was so erotic in my thouhts. Thats not mine said the guy under me but i might spill something soon. \'well if you do be sure to spill it on me hun\' i said. \'its hot here on the beach\'. he said that he would rather spill it in me. With that i straddled his body and rubbed my pussy on his hard cock pushing his 5 inches deep into me. His friend watched in amazement and i gestured for him to insert his spent cock into my mouth. i sucked greedily on his softening cock as i began to ride his friend fast and hard. Soon I could feal them both pumping their cocks for all their worth. Remebering that i had not brought my birth control pil on holiday with me i asked them to come on my buttocks and climbed off bending over. I was on my knees fealing my pussy as they both kneeled behind me rubbing their cocks on my ass and nudging at my slit. i felt a hard cock slide effortlessly into my unprotected wet pussy, bursts of hot semen pulsed deep inside me as he grabbed my hips and groaned a deep husky growel of self pleasure and quivering like a man posessed. Sliding out his cock his friend too thrust into me and pumped my gooey pussy and shot his second load of sperm into my fertile young body. i was soo turned on and dizzy with want i almost forgot about the sticky situation that i could be in. As it turned out they had both been jaffers for some time and knew that there was no risk. What a day