Written by John wright

17 Sep 2015

On holiday , my wife and I decided to walk along the beach really beautiful along the beach a number of beach bars , not much more than wooden huts but the owners always nice and polite although a little pushy in getting you to sit and have drink etc . As we walked every day the bar owners knew us and one bar i particular we tended to sit and have a nice cool drink and chat. On about 5 day we where sitting and having a talk with the 2 lads who run the bar when they asked if we would like a massage I said I was happy to sit and have a nice cold beer but suggested the 2 lads massaged my wife well both lads where topless and had great body's both good looking black men no more than 25 years old my wife is in har early sixties still a looker and has great tits with when erect you could hang your coat on her nipples. Well they began the massage one working on her legs ,one on her neck and shoulders I must admit that I was getting a slight turned on and thinking of an incident that had happened in our room 2 nights before , something that we had not since mentioned . I could tell that all 3 where enjoying the lad massaging her shoulders was every now and then lightly brushing her tits and looking at me as he did so to which I just smiled and nodded he took this as ok to actually caress her ample tits and first she protested I just said fuck love we are on holiday enjoy . The lad become more confident and lowered her swimming costume down so that now her breasts where fully exposed her nipples wher hard red and swollen the young man gently caressed them which he's hands and lent forward and took abreast in he's mouth sucking and hitting the leg Mauser who I could see by the bulge in he's shorts was quite worked up slid he's fingers into tcrutch of her swimsuit and began wanking her pussy. So now one was working on her tits and one on her fanny her hand slip behind her and took hold of the lad massaging her tits and began to wak he's cock squeezing and rubbing I was so worked up I done something I have never done a took hold of the lad massaging her legs who had he fucking large black cock out and began wanting him of so there we where the 4 of us on the beach my wife being fingered fucked and having her tits fondled wanking a large black cock while I pleasured a bigger black cock well we all cummore or less together I shot my load and hadn't even been touched the cock I was wanking spurted and shot loads of spunk on my wife's leg .,my wife cum the top Mauser cut all over her tits great session we made arrangements to go back instead Of the 2lads there was 3and a woman what a fucking night that was I'll tell you later