Written by Beachman

27 Oct 2007

When I travel I always try to get a day on my own to go beachcombing and if you can shed the clothes and go naked so much the better. Every so often you can get lucky.

Twenty years ago on the Island of Crete I walked along a shingle beach where it was rumoured that I might find nudists. Sure enough I passed a pair of couples enjoying the sun uninhibited and legs open wide. At that point I pulled my trunks off and about a hundred yards further on struck up a conversation with an South African woman holding a camera. She was dressed but seemed quite happy with my nakedness, even asking me to pose for her. It was all quite erotic I was becoming aroused, I picked up a boulder and raised it above my head trying to pose like some Greek god and realized that she was delaying to taking the picture not for me to get the stone higher, but for my rising cock to get more erect.

Later in the afternoon we walked along the beach and met a naked French girl with a very bushy pussy. I don’t think I would have been able to approach her on my own, but as a couple there was no problem and we took pictures of each other. This included one where I stood close behind the kneeling girl with my cock sticking out almost laying on her shoulder. There was no sexual activity but I found it all very horny

A few years later, on one of the Seychelles islands there was a beach bar where the drink was flowing freely and a randy old guide got round to talking about sex and described his preferred method. i.e. the girl laying on the beach at the tide line with the man drifting in and out of her with the gentle waves doing the work. I noticed one girl taking particular interest and I made sure that I was near her when we had some free time to swim.

Just along the bay a tree like a huge willow provided a sheltered umbrella and I followed her in under the branches to find her leaning back against a large round rock.

She smiled at me and unclipping the top of her one piece swim suit she pealed it off like an onion skin to reveal large white breasts. She scooped one up and took the nipple to her mouth licking it as she gazed at me lustfully. I pulled off my swim shorts the laid her down on the tide line just as the old guy had described and plunged my cock in and out of her aided by the movement of warm sea. For the rest of the holiday we did things more conventionally in her hotel room.

Continuing the beachcombing saga we move on a few years to when I was on the island of Corfu.

At St Georges I walked along to the dunes at the far end of the beach where people enjoy nude sunbathing, the real heat had gone out of the sun and most couples were coming off the sand along the shoreline to the little town. I particularly noticed one pair walking towards me who stopped about a hundred yards away and spread out their towels.

As I approached them I was surprised and delighted when the fellow gestured for me to sit down, indicating a spot about 30 feet away. The girl seemed to be wearing only a short tee shirt but was lying on her front facing away from me. He opened her legs wide and inserted his hand to where her fingers seemed to be already busy and started to pull himself off so I quickly shed my trunks and began to copy him.

It was obvious that the girl was enjoying it, but at this point I couldn't be sure if she was aware that she was being watched. I was worried that the show might end. Happy to say she looked at me and gave a broad smile then rolled over to grasp his cock with one hand while fingering herself with the other.

I matched her stroke with him, then as I saw her gazing intently at my cock I quickened the pace to catch up with the furious flurry of her hand as it ploughed through the fair hair around her clit. Then she lowered her head and began to suck on his knob for fully ten minutes before he raised her and allowed her to guide his penis into her.

She pumped up and down fingering her clit as they fucked, after a while he withdrew and turned so that he could enter her from behind. I gestured for him to push up her tee shirt, which he did and unclipped a white bra which she pulled aside to reveal a pair of honey toned boobs with ridged coral nipples. She mashed one with her hand while he massaged the other.

All the time he was building up a steady stroke from the rear, both of them stared at my penis willing strength to my steadily firming erection. Eventually he came. Whimpering with pleasure she rolled off and still with her gaze locked onto my cock, fingered her pussy and watched intently mouthing encouragement to me as I shot my load on the sand.

We swam and after thanking them I said good bye, thinking this was the end of a very happy encounter. I'm pleased to say it was not, for the next night I made my way to the same spot to find that they had erected a windbreak that screened off view from all but one angle. I laid my towel, as previously about 30 foot away. What followed was a repeat performance of the previous day, that was, until I spotted some people walking along the beach and broke off to have a swim while they passed. Imagine my delight when, returning to watch the couple, they waved me over to join them indicating a spot just at the girl's feet.

Spiros was, as I thought, Greek and so too was his lightly tanned blonde companion whom I'd taken to be English. In the circumstance lack of a common language posed no problem and as she leaned back and used her small hands to pull his large cock into her mouth so that it bulged against the inside of her cheek, Spiros nodded and I lowered my face towards her clit. I inserted my tongue into her cunny, which smelled fresh off coconut sun oil and the sea. As I moved it faster and probed deeper she brought her hips up to meet me. She quickening the pace and undulated her body until with much thrashing and whimpers of pleasure, she came and a damp musky liquid spread over my face.

I took my head away and as I straightened up my cock moved forward, it was immediately grasped by her small warm hand. She pulled on us both while we massaged her lightly tanned breasts and gently rubbed her firm pert nipples. For the second time I felt as hard as rock, and adding my hand to hers we increased the pace and I spurted

a small fountain before them. They watched and smiled as each drop hit the sand.

I did not see them again after that, for the next evening the winds blew strong across the beach and then I had to fly home. I have no way of knowing if they were local or themselves on holiday from the mainland. Of course one day I will go back.

As I left them Spiros had said, "bring your woman, we could have a party."

Last year on vacation at Argeles sur la Mer in South West France near the Spanish border and I cycled to a beach at the remote end of a the wide Mediterranean bay.

Leaving the bike I walked the last four hundred yards or so along the shore to where nudists, both male and female, lay spread-eagled in the sun. I shed my shorts and strolled slowly along enjoying the view and very much aware of the warmth of the sun stimulating my cock. I passed the odd couple laying close together and touching, It was all very pleasant, but just when I was thinking that I was unlikely to see any action, my attention was caught by movement up at the back of the beach.

I looked up the wide stretch of sand to where the beach ended, and close by the reeds and bushes and saw a couple. She was kneeling on all fours and her largish tits were swinging as he pushed into her from behind. As I walked towards them, my eyes fixed on her swaying boobs and prominent nipples, my cock grew and it felt to me as it had never been harder. They both smiled as I approached and when I knelt down upright on my knees, close by, I was able to enjoy an uninterrupted 'side on' view of them while they could see my highly visible erection.

He pulled out and exaggerating his thrust, made sure I could see. He was obviously enjoying showing me what he was doing. She loved the extra attention and licked her lips as she watched me stroke my cock appreciatively.

There was a pause for a few moments as a naked family approached and passed by. This caused me to pull up my knees and hide my raging erection. Meanwhile the guy just slid in tight behind her and held her close, his hands cupping her tits. (I could see from her face that she was feeling his cock still active inside her.) The father looked towards them and I could have sworn I saw his cock twitch.

Once the family had passed, the guy began thrusting into her again. I moved closer to them, kneeling up, my cock sticking out hard as I stroked it in time with their movements and her gasps. I was also stimulated by size of her nipples and the sound of skin slapping against skin and her eyes riveted to my cock.

Eventually she sighed loudly and disengaging herself from his cock stumbled to her feet and pulled him towards the clearing in the reeds behind us, indicating that I should follow. When I got there he was taking her from behind again. She was standing and bent forward with her boobs and stiff nipples moving in response to each push.

As I approached she reached forward and grasping my cock, fed it into her mouth..... oh! it felt lovely as she lashed it with her tongue and sucked on me. As she did this I reached down and grasped a tit in each hand. I could feel her hard nipples trapped between my fingers as I gently squeezed each breast in time with her sucks. As he thrust from behind, her lips moved along my cock and my balls occasionally rested on her chin before she sucked back.

This relaxed 'face fucking' continued for about ten minutes with the guy and I thrusting from both ends. She seemed to love it and gently grazed my cock with her teeth until eventually I exploded in her mouth. When my limp cock slipped from her mouth cum trailed on her lips and down her front, she then took my cock and squeezing it between her tits milked me dry. Her guy watched us and stroked his cock. It was a glorious encounter that ended with us laying naked in the sun.

And finally bring the saga up to date my last encounter was this summer on the Island of Ibiza where Playa Des Cavallet is the official nudist beach.

The beach stretches almost as far as you can see and people walk for most of the day in their skin, but I explored the dunes where pine trees sheltered paths lead to the salt pans and distant coves.

At first I encountered a couple of Germans, The blonde girl was sucking on her partners impressive large cock but they did not seem to appreciate an audience so I moved on to where three guys sat up like jack rabbits. Following their gaze I ended up close to an English couple. Well when I say “couple” he was watching her give a blow job to a nearby neighbour . I was close enough to read the tattoo on her bum. It read “Simon” and I assume he was the guy in the skip cap who egged her on enthusiastically. I even managed to take a couple of pictures.

By the time she had finished sucking the cock that she fed into her mouth with her slow moving fist and returned to hubby they turned round to find me a few feet away from them. After fucking her Simon pulled her, with legs open wide across his body and laying her in front of me proceeded to insert three finger in her cunt and finger fuck her so vigorously that the silver piercing on her nipples shook. I of course stroked my cock and under her supportive gaze I spurted a fountain. Then I lay back to recover in the sun thinking that it was a pity that it was my last day on the island.

It is a rather magical place and the closest beach to the airport. So if you have a rental car to return and you want to squeeze every last moment of sun out of your vacation, Playa de Es Cavallet is certainly the place to be.