Written by BobS

11 Sep 2013

We have often played fantasy games in bed,as you do. A favourite at the time was for me to be a cat burglar climbing into the bedroom while my wife was alone in bed ripping off her nighty and ravishing her.

As this fantasy progressed I decided to take it a stage further and without telling her bought a black ski mask and black T shirt, I also left my ladder up to the bedroom window and as it was a warm night left the window open. During the evening I wound her up with stories of how she could be taken in bed that night by an intruder.

When she went up to bed I made an excuse to do a couple of jobs before I came up and went outside ,stayed in the garage for about half an hour just to get her wondering what was going on then I went round the back to the ladder in all my black gear,as I began to climb the ladder I could hear her making soft wimpering noises and thought, the sexy bitch has started without me.

I got the shock of my life when I reached the window. inside was my wife with her legs over the shoulders of some guy in a black ski mask,black T shirt and black joggers down round his ankles. her nighty had been ripped down the front and this guy was sucking on one ample tit and was milking the other for all he was worth,at the same time I could see in the strong moon light his pale arse going up and down and on the out stroke could see a couple of inches of penis glistening wet and sticky as it went in and out.

All the time my wife was saying, between gasps,this is the best I have ever had it,you feel so big,I have never been stetched so much,you must be realy excited to be so big, we must do it like this again.

I watched frozen to the spot till they both came and I saw him pull out, at that point I went back down the ladder and stood in the shaddow as he almost followed me down and went off into the night. I took the ladder away and went back into the house and up to the bedroom where my wife was still laying naked ,leg appart but looking content even though she had red teeth marks on her breast and sticky cum in her pubic hair.

That was the best we have ever had she said,you were an animal with me,I want you to suprise like that again but not for a few days, it will take me a while to recover from the pounding you gave me and I didnt know that your thing could grow so much bigger when you were more excited.

My problem now is, how do I follow that, will this guy return, and if he does I may be in bed as well. Or do I leave the ladder in place and hide just in case and then try to speak to him and tell him the score and allow him to keep the illusion going. I cant do it to her like that again she will know I cant stretch her like he did and the game will be up.Can anyone offer a solution without me having to admit to her that it wasnt me and that I dont measure up.