Written by Brian

28 Apr 2009

In January I started jotting down some anecdotes from my sexual history (see Winter 1976). As in the previous story, everything that follows is entirely true, except the names. It all really happened several years after 1976. By this time Rosemary and I had moved into the Surrey countryside and we’d acquired a twenty five year old MGA, which was my pride and joy. We still had no children. I really loved that little two seat car.

We’d become friendly with Geoff and Becky. Geoff was a colleague who was intelligent, witty, muscular and attractive. His wife, Becky was a vivacious, petite and beautifully proportioned young social worker. She was about 5 feet 2 inches tall and slim, with large breasts and long straight dark brown hair. I fell under her spell the moment I met her. She was charming, funny and extremely attractive. As time went by I became more and more besotted. I even began to dream of her at night. In short I was desperate to fuck her.

Rosemary, Geoff, Becky and I did all the social things that people did in those days. We went to dinner parties, drinks parties and the pub on Friday nights. In hindsight my lust for Becky was probably apparent to all, though I didn’t realise it at the time. After a while I began to think that Becky might even be showing some interest in me. My frustration reached the point where I became erect whenever I thought about her or she came near me.

Events moved on one night in June. In the pub we’d been talking about film releases and I’d said that I really wanted to see the latest disaster movie. Becky had said that she’d like to see it too, but Geoff thought disaster movies juvenile so he wasn’t interested. After some discussion Rosemary suggested that Becky and I should go together, since she didn’t want to see the film either. We agreed that Geoff and Becky would come round to our place for an early supper on the following Wednesday evening, and then Becky and I would go to the local cinema together. I didn’t enquire what Rosemary and Geoff would do while we were gone, but assumed they’d share a bottle of wine in front of the TV.

Wednesday came and I could hardly control my excitement. That day dragged like no other. Minutes seemed like hours. Evening came at last and Becky arrived wearing tight, tight jeans and a silky blouse. Geoff was with her. Somehow I managed to get through supper without mishap and Becky and I set off for the cinema some twelve miles away, waving good bye to Rosemary and Geoff.

We took our seats in the cinema near the back, at the end of a row. Shortly after the film started I stretched and put my arm along the back of Becky’s seat - a childish old ploy for someone of thirty, but I couldn‘t think of anything else to do. She responded by snuggling in to me. As we watched the movie she pushed closer and closer, so I tried a first kiss. I shall never forget it. Her mouth was cool and moist and her little tongue poked between my lips. We became locked in a passionate embrace sitting as close together as we could get, given the limitations of the cinema seats. I was delighted to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her silk blouse. To this day there is nothing to beat the smooth softness of a woman’s breast clad just in silk. She had disproportionately large tits for her size which I gently stroked as we kissed. Her nipples were wonderfully sensitive, standing proud to my touch. As I caressed her Becky sighed, nuzzled into me and dropped her hand onto my prick through my jeans.

We stayed kissing and caressing each other getting more and more aroused until suddenly the lights came up. The film had ended and we hadn’t even noticed! We walked with our arms around one other, welded together and occasionally stopping for a kiss as we made our way through the car park. It was a hot moonlit summer night. Early MGA’s had a soft top that folded back and plastic side screens that could be lifted off and carried in the boot in order to open the car to the elements. The seats were on the floor so the driver and passenger sat with their legs extended straight out in front of them. I always felt that driving that car was a sexual experience. It wasn’t fast by today’s standards, but to me it looked and sounded wonderful. I lost no time in taking down the hood and stowing the side screens and we set off. As we left the car park Becky undid her seat belt and shuffled down in her seat so that her head was below the level of the doors and dash board. I presumed that she didn't want to be seen in my car. She was tiny and could lie almost full length on her back, with her legs bent and her head resting against the seat back. Lying down she began unbuttoning her blouse. I was trying to pull out into the home going traffic and watch her at the same time! Once fully unbuttoned she pulled the blouse out from her jeans and wriggled out of it. I was delighted, amazed and transfixed. She was now naked from the waist up and her breasts flashed white in the moonlight. Anyone sitting in a lorry or walking reasonably close to the car when we stopped at lights could look down into the car and see her. She started playing with her pretty pink nipples. She was clearly feeling very horny indeed! I tried desperately to keep the car on the road as I dropped my left hand down onto her pert, responsive tits. She unbuttoned and unzipped her tight jeans and pushed her right hand down into them. It was obvious that she was playing with herself as we drove through the town, heading for home.

I simply HAD to find somewhere to stop. As I drove Becky raised her ass and wriggled her jeans down over her hips. Though I couldn’t see clearly in the moonlight, her breathing became laboured and I began to imagine exactly what her fingers were doing as we drove along. Somehow I kept the car reasonably straight but I was becoming desperate as I reluctantly lifted my hand from her body to change gear. By now I was on fire, my prick was aching and my mind was racing. Where the hell could we go?

We left the town and set off through country lanes. Fortunately it was a quiet night, with no traffic whatsoever. I was finding it increasingly difficult to drive. When we were outside the town and away from street lights Becky shuffled up her seat into a sitting position. That had the effect of pulling her jeans further down her legs to her knees. She leant down and stripped them off her feet into the foot well leaving herself naked beside me. Her pale skin gleamed in the moonlight. At that moment she filled my senses; she was totally, absolutely stunning in every way.

We drove slowly homeward. Becky shuffled around and managed to kneel up in her seat. The car had a high central transmission tunnel between the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Becky lay across this central barrier and used both hands to unzip my jeans. I’d gone commando that night and my stiff prick leapt out into the air. What a relief! Seeing that she was making progress, Becky leant further forward and gently closed her moist lips over my bell end. Her pretty little ass was pushed up in the air as she bent to take me in her mouth. I continued to drive. She began slowly wanking me and alternately licking and sucking my prick. My driving slowed to a crawl. I reached across her back and tried to reach between her legs to her fanny. My left arm wasn’t quite long enough and I contented myself with caressing and playing with her ass as we chugged slowly along.

For safety, if no other reason I needed to find somewhere to stop very soon. We edged gingerly around a corner and I was relieved to see a farm gate coming up on our left. The gate was shut but there was just enough run off for the car to stop without blocking the road. We coasted to a stop with my feet on both clutch and brake. I had no wish to move my left hand to change gear! When we were safely stationary I set the hand brake, turned out the lights and killed the engine. Total silence flooded in. The fields lay motionless in the moonlight, the air was utterly still; nothing broke the tranquility. I sat back in total bliss, drinking in the idyllic setting - as a beautiful naked young girl gently sucked on my cock. In those few minutes I was as close to heaven as any man can get without dying.

Before long a familiar pressure began to build in my groin. I didn’t want to come in Becky’s mouth, though it was a very tempting prospect. I gently raised her head and French kissed her very moist mouth. We needed somewhere to make love urgently, but we faced a practical problem. It was a warm night but the grass was too wet to lie on. The car bonnet was hot and I’d fitted a luggage rack to the boot, so we had no easily accessible flat surface. I ruled out fucking Becky standing up; she was so much shorter than me that I’d have had to hold her in the air while we fucked.

Not quite knowing what we were going to do I opened the driver’s door and made my way around the back of the car to her side. She opened her door and hopped out, unashamedly naked before me. Her neat little black bush set off her white skin beautifully and her young breasts jutted proudly out, topped by stiff little nipples. My jeans were still unfastened and as we kissed she edged them down my thighs with both hands. I sat down in the passenger seat with my feet outside the car to slip them off.

We continued kissing and Becky pushed me back in the seat. I swung my legs aboard and she climbed in on top of me straddling me with her knees on the seat either side of me. As she bent to kiss me again she slowly lowered herself until the tip of my prick just touched her pussy lips. Reaching down between her legs she gently slipped the end into her very moist fanny. At last! She lowered herself a little more and my prick started to slip into her. Then - disaster! The space was too tight; Becky couldn’t lower herself down completely; there wasn‘t room to extend her legs and her back became wedged against the dash. Her pussy was tight around my cock as she eased herself up and down the end. Wonderful as this was I needed to bury myself deep within her - and I couldn’t. Becky must have felt the same. After a few exquisite moments she came up with a solution. Wordlessly she lifted herself off me and hopped out of the car. At first I was confused and disappointed by her odd behaviour. My prick felt cold in the air and I needed to come urgently. I should have had more faith. Becky didn’t disappoint; in fact what she did next delighted me!

She sat back down on me but this time she faced the other way. She perched on my lap and we both faced forward. She bent over, reached down between her legs and slipped my cock back into her fanny. I felt my prick enter her right to the hilt as she slid down my shaft. She sighed deeply and relaxed back on me. We stayed motionless for a few moments savouring the lascivious sensations that only a tight, full pussy and a hot stiff prick can engender. Becky’s fanny was tighter than any I’d ever known. I could feel it gripping the whole length of my shaft as she moved rhythmically up and down. In fact she was so tight that I felt sucking sensations whenever she raised herself up, before sliding back. She varied her movements, alternating between little gyrations keeping my bell end just inside her lips, to major thrusts up and down my whole length causing her ass to slap noisily on my stomach. She ground down on me and I felt her hand tickling my prick as she resumed playing with her clit. Reaching around her I started gently rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

We came almost together. When I couldn’t hold back any longer I thrust my hips up hard forcing my prick deep into her body. As I let go I felt her shudder. Her pussy gripped my prick like a vice and she screamed loudly. Becky is the only girl I’ve ever met who screams on reaching orgasm. It was a sound I grew to love over the years. We sank back in silence for several minutes enjoying the moment as my cock slowly shrank inside Becky’s fanny.

After a while we came down to earth, with the realisation that we must get back to Geoff and Rosemary. Reluctantly our bodies separated and we gathered our clothes together. We made ourselves as presentable as we could and drove the last few miles soberly and sensibly. I parked on the drive and we walked up the path without touching, trying to look nonchalant. I had my key so we let ourselves in and found Geoff and Rosemary in the lounge watching the news on TV. An empty bottle and two wine glasses stood on the coffee table. A few peanuts were left in the bottom of a bowl. Geoff and Rosemary had obviously had a quiet night’s viewing. We drank coffee and Becky bluffed a review of the film, which neither she nor I had seen. It was a week day, so the evening drew to an early close. Geoff and Becky made their way off into the night saying that we must get together again soon.

Rosemary and I cleared away the glasses, switched out the lights and went up to bed.

I was completely unprepared for the revelations that came to light later that night. I’ll outline those revelations in the concluding part of this anecdote. Everything written here is true, except the names.