Written by Tony

26 Aug 2016

So, I figure it is time to introduce ourselves. My name is Tony and my wife’s name is Lucy. We are now a hotwife couple. We are both on our second marriages and we both knew we wanted something more than the normal type marriage. I think she started to get the hint when I started asking a million questions about her previous lovers. Hearing the details of her past excited me and she knew it.

Finally I brought up the fantasy I had of her sleeping with other men. At first she lightly resisted that thought. Maybe it was a fantasy or was it reality. But she eventually started to accept it. I think the initial resistance was that she was a little unsure and not the actual act. Her previous serious relationships were with the jealous type of guys who would be upset if she showed too much skin or talked with other guys. I obviously was different from them. Now she loves it.

So my wife eventually warmed up to the fantasy of her being with another man. She still wasn’t sure what she wanted to do but she was willing to keep an open mind. We eventually decided as a bit of a joke, to bet on a sporting event. If I won she had to go dancing with another guy and I got to pick what she wore. It was a soccer game and I won.

We found a guy on a contact listing, he was seeking friendship etc. I know it isn’t the best method but we live in a small town and have high profile jobs. He lived about 30 miles away in another town. So she called him and he seemed like a decent guy. She and him texted and talked on the phone a lot. He claimed to be a good dancer. He seemed like a perfect fit for what we were looking for. The limits were he could touch her anywhere that wasn’t covered by her panties. As soon as we met him he seemed really awkward. But we gave him the benefit of the doubt. We thought maybe he was nervous. But, he didn’t get better.

Lots of alcohol later the three of us ended up in our hotel room. Before anything happened the wife and I had a serious talk about what could/should happen. It turns out that she was concerned that anything she did with him would hurt our relationship. I assured her that it wouldn’t. He came into the hotel room and he wasn’t any better in bed then he was on the dance floor. There was a lot of oral, kissing, and rubbing. Eventually the wife was bent over on the bed and I asked her if she would like to play just a bit with the other guy and me. She said yes so we started. We went a couple rounds then I just let the other guy fuck her. I came really quickly from the excitement. The other guy didn’t get the chance to finish. Once I had my orgasm, the wife called it quits. Which was fine with me. We both left that situation unsatisfied.

We weren’t happy with how it happened but we did learn that it was something we wanted to try again.

After the bad dancer we found ourselves in a shitty situation. We knew that our relationship could handle Lucy having a lover and that we wanted to it again. At the same time, the first experience left us less than satisfied and we lost hope that we could make it work in our rural area. Some of you big city folks may not understand but in a small town word travels very quickly. So we could not risk playing with anybody that lived close to us. If word got out that Lucy and I enjoyed the hotwife lifestyle we would be the talk of the town. And there is the chance that we could lose our jobs. So we waited and had amazing sex, just us two.

To fully explain what happened next I must go into Lucy’s past. Before she had met me, she had enjoyed a passionate sex filled weekend with a guy she had met. She had great sex with this guy, his name was Shane, and then he was gone. Fact is, she said he had satisfied her in every way.

Fast forward until after she had met me. One fateful day she happened to bump into Shane. They had some small talk and it turned out that he was staying in town for the night. I was fully aware of what had taken place between the two of them so when she told me that she had seen him I, of course, asked her if she was going to see him. She hadn’t planned on it but with a little encouragement she decided to contact him to see what his plans were for the night. Not wanting to make the same mistake we made during round one we decided that they could get naked and touch but that would be the limit. With the possibility of oral but that was to be decided later. For those of you out there that have this fantasy but haven’t experienced it yet….never leave a decision like that to be made in the heat of the moment.

So the plan was set. Shane would come to the house and they could get naked and touch but that was the soft limit. He knew Lucy was involved with someone so he thought she was cheating. So I decided to watch from one of the windows. I set everything up so I could get a good view of the action. He arrived and they had some drinks and talked for a while. There was some obvious flirting going on from both of them.

There was a kiss early on in the evening. Maybe he was just testing the waters. I don’t know but there wasn’t a whole lot after that for a while. I became worried that things weren’t going to work out. But thankfully I was wrong. After a while Lucy was sitting on the couch, wearing shorts, and Shane started kissing her legs. He started low then worked his way up. Slowing kissing and teasing her inner thighs. He knew the limits but clearly he wanted to at least get to the oral. From where I was I could not see clearly what his head was doing but it was clear from Lucy’s face that she was liking it.

It was pre-arranged that if they wanted to move to oral, then Lucy would look towards the window to see my reaction and we would somehow tell each other that we both wanted it to continue. It was the best plan we could think of and we had thought about it at least.

I watched as he pulled down her shorts and removed her panties. It was by far the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Much better than the bad dancer. I could tell that she wanted what he was doing to her. She was liking it and wanting more. As the one watching, it made the experience so much hotter! Then came the moment of truth. Shane stood up and dropped his pants. What came out was the biggest cock I have ever seen in person. I’m guessing it was at least 9 inches. I watched as he put his hand behind Lucy’s head and started guiding it towards his monster.

I must admit, at this point I panicked. I didn’t go running into the room screaming but I moved so I knew she could see me at the corner of the window. She looked and mouthed “please”? In nodded and pulled back before he turned to see what she was looking at.

That was all she needed and got right to it.

I watched as she sucked his cock to the best of her ability. After a while of her sucking his cock he placed her on a different couch and started licking her pussy. He made her cum over and over with his mouth. He was clearly trying to get her hot enough that she would allow him to fuck her.

They traded oral for a while going back and forth until both parties were exhausted. However, he never did cum. He had drunk a bit and just couldn’t get there from oral. Eventually he left, promising that he was going to fuck her the next time they were together. He wasn’t wrong by the way, but that is a different stage.

I learned a lot from this experience. While she was going down on him he would pull her hair and pretty much fuck her face with his cock. She loved it. I also learned that Lucy could be trusted no matter what. She later told me that she wanted to fuck him and he kept trying to but she didn’t want to break the limits. She is fantastic and is no doubt the love of my life! I’ll continue at a later date.