13 Feb 2017

It's been so long since we had anal sex I forgot how amazing it is. The last time was 7-8 years ago and then life got in the way and although we have always had great sex, anal was not on the table. HB respected that until last week.

Hearing how life had got shit for a close friend due to their relationship not having enough sex in it, I decided to make sure that didn't happen to us.

I teased him all day via text as he was working away. He loved the text and tantalising photos. I New it had worked as soon as he walked through the front door. We kissed deeply and I knew I was going to get fucked senseless at bedtime.

And so I did, he has always made me cum, this time it was different. Wave after wave of orgasms blow my mind as well as my pussy.

As I was riding his hard cock for the 3rd time that night, I lent close to his ear and whispered that in a few weeks I would love to try anal again.....

He just smiled and kissed me back. Then without warning he flipped me off and turned me on to all fours. He naughtily said why wait...I couldn't answer as the tip of his cock was just entering my arsehole. It was amazing. I have never cum so hard as he took me deep in my arse. We did this for maybe 10 minutes before he said he couldn't hold on any longer. I felt his balls tighten and his cock throb as he unloaded in my arse. I am now addict to anal sex. I can't get enough of it. Am I a dirty slut?