Written by Stix

15 Dec 2017

I have been reading stories on here for years.

This is about my wife, before we met. Every word is true. She has told me everything about her past in intimate detail.It took a few years for the whole story to come out ,but I did know she had 2 long term bf's and one two week fling before me.

She started like most girls at 16.Her bf at the time gradually feeling her tits (32c cup) and then moving onto wanking each other.Soon he started to rub his cock on her wet pussy and spray her hairy mound.He had big balls and came heavy. Within a few weeks they started 69 and this became her favourite.She loves her pussy licked until today the most of all.

She refused to let him fuck her, but emptied his balls 2 or 3 times a week with blow or hand jobs. On her 18th birthday she went on a trip abroad in a big student group. Within a couple of days a boy on the trip was kissing her and then they started to wank off and 69. He wanted her virginity but she refused him.

When she returned home the bf was very upset she had been with another guy.

So To keep him sweet she started to fuck him.

She went on the pill.So he could cum in her. This was a bit of a disaster. His short 5 in fat cock and big balls could not satisfy her. He came too quick and she knew she needed more satisfaction.

After her 19th birthday she was still dating him, but bored, and not getting the cock she needed and wanted. Her bf was away a lot studying and by chance she met another guy who was quite confident and he set about seducing her.

He knew she had a bf, which spurred him on. He liked to know what she did with her bf in bed and asked her if she was satisfied.

It took him 3 weeks of dating her very discretely, before one night they went back to his family home and to his room.

She was wearing a tight top and skirt with heels, and underneath matching white sheer bra and panties.

He knew how to handle her and after a few minutes she had no top on and her skirt was lifted up,her sheer panties removed and his fingers deep inside her very wet pussy. He wasted no time in replacing his fingers with his very hard 7 in slightly curved cock and started to fuck her.

This was an entirely new experience for her. He fucked her long and hard, deep and shallow, fast pounding and slow teasing. His cock curve rubbing a sensitive part of her pussy lips.

She loved it and after more than an hour he buried his cock balls deep and grunted like a bull. He nutted a huge load in her.

He took her home and she got in with cum dribbling from her pussy and heavily spunk stained panties.she says she smelled of sex.

She wanked herself off.

This was the start of her sexual opening up and the beginning of her being trained by him to be very dirty in bed.

She admitted to me that when he opened her legs the first time he found a horny pussy, he used it a lot and very hard, so when he dumped her 18 months later she said she had a dirty used cunt.

If you want to hear more let me know.I will write about their sex fun together before i met her.

Just to give you a taster, we still talk about him and her in bed while we fuck. She also fucked him and her original bf for 2 months at the same time. He still has pictures of her sheer panties and after a fucking which I would like to see. She thinks those pictures are probably cum stained by him and his friends, who he used to tell stories about how he made her a hot slut.

I met her 3 months after he dumped her, and yes he did try to fuck her again knowing we were dating, and now years later i did say maybe she should try to look him up.