Written by Sams husband

17 Mar 2018

I would like to thank all of you who left a comment in regard to my wife Sam who is fucking an old man. At first she thought the man who was eyeing up her on the market was old. He was around 40 or so but now she is letting a man of 59 fuck her. Since that night she stayed at her friends house and he fucked in bed there, she is a changed woman. Before that night she was very conservative in her attitude to sex. I convinced her to let him him fuck her at our house so now she is in a sexual relationship with him. Now she is being fucked by him and sometimes his mate who is 64. It can be both of them at the same time or on occasions separately. My wife does not work so she is at home all day. This leaves her free to take part in these extra marital sex sessions. Since she has let these two old guys fuck her I have also benefited from her experience. I have now had the pleasure of fucking her tight ass hole. She will even suck my cock when I pull out and repeat it two or three times. I have also drank her pee and have have learnt the evening pee is the sweetest. She wont drink pee not even mine but she will lay in the bath and be peed on. She is almost there in deep throating as I am not large in the penis department. I have also had most of my hand inside of her pussy. Sam as also become vocal along with the swearing. She will also let us hand and ankle cuff her to the bed rails and wear a blindfold. I have paddled her ass and she has paddled my in return. There has been a fuck request from a member, She said not at the moment but will not rule it out in the future. I never watch her and I have no intention of doing so as it is more exciting to hear about it from her own lips. Even though she is getting fucked, she and I are devoted to each other and that is how it will always be.