Written by Sams husband

13 Mar 2018

If you have read the first two posts you will understand how this situation has transpired. My wife Sam had slept with a man who is the father of her best friend Linda and is 59 years old. Sam was only 23 at the time and I had begged her for long enough to let another man fuck her. Now it happened on the night of linda,s birthday and when i picked her up and took home I fucked my wife while she was still full of his cum. She said she was sorry and it would not happen again but after a lot of persuasion I convinced her to fuck him again This took place at our home in our bed while I was out at work. I have no desire to watch or join in and I don’t think Sam could do it with me present. For me it was coming home and Sam relating the details to me. Sam was now quite happy to let linda.s dad fuck her has he was divorced they did not see any harm in what was just a sexual relationship. Sam has now got a greater experience of sex with what he has taught her. He has taken her anally which is something she had not experienced. She told me that he had bought her a small 3 inch vibrated which he pushed all the way in her pussy the fucked her arse. We have done this together and it sends her her absolutely wild in orgasm.

He has got her to sit on his face and she has peed in his mouth and he drank it,, I have also got her to do this to me. At the moment he is teaching her the art of deep throating although she as not done it fully yet. I cant believe how much Sam has changed and for that matter me also. One of the most exciting things for me is that I can reclaim my lovely wife after he has used her. He never uses protection so he fills full of cum every time, which I get to eat. Sam has told me that he has bought wrist and ankle cuffs and a blindfold as he wants to tie her to our bed. Sam is not sure and asked me what I think, I told it is her decision and it could add excitement to their sexual fulfillment. I also told her to make sure that she feels safe in taking part and it is a thing of trust. She is thought about it but knowing Sam I knew she would will let him do it. I have knots in my stomach during the day at work just thinking what they are doing. Sam is so young and the thought of this old man using my wife is mind blowing. Then when I get home I feel so proud of my wife and how much she means to me. It is probably hard for some people to understand this situation but I feel so lucky to be married to my beautiful wife.