Written by James

30 Jun 2007

We were sitting on the sofa and P complained that her feet were cold. I asked her to lie back on the sofa and took her feet in my hand and started rubbing the soles of her feet gently. Then I lay down on the sofa next to her and taking her feet in my hand started blowing warm air from my mouth on the soles of her feet.

I opened my mouth and my lips were on the soles of her feet and I was blowing warm breath to warm her feet. I was also moving my mouth around all over her feet and toes to ensure that they were being warmed all over. While I had my mouth open I also put out my tongue and held it flat against the soles of her feet so that some warmth could be provided to her feet from my warm tongue.

All this time P was lying there with a smile and watching me at her feet. She then looked at me and said that her toes still felt cold. I leaned in and took the toes of one foot in my mouth and started licking them and massaging them with my tongue. Then I sucked each toe in turn till they were all warm and wet.