Written by barny67

24 Sep 2011

This is a true story it happend three years ago. My wife and i love to go out and have sex in the car. We go to a common near where we live. Jane will always wear a dress that buttons all down the front and no bra or panties . We find a nice bush to park next to and i start to undo the buttons we spend half an hour getting really worked up then get in the back and finish up outside the car with the back door open and Jane standing on the ground legs wide open laying face down on the back seat then i fuck her really hard from behind.

This night i was banging away at her and she was moaning louder than usual when i heard a noise in the bush and realised we were being watched at first i was mad and turned toward the bush he mad a run for it i pulled up my trousers and went after him as i was running i realised instead of loosing my erection i was getting harder he then fell over and i was on him he kept shouting sorry mate. Then i could not believe what i said to him. I said did you like what you saw his answer was it was fucking great. I said would you like to fuck her. he said yes please . i said be here next week behind the same bush and when i indicate

for you to come over make sure you dont make any noise and your trousers are down and i will pull out and you put your cock in her and fuck her hard. He said do you really mean it. I said yes. If i get a request i will tell you what happend the next week. Barny