13 Jun 2018

"Were going to play a game" was the text i recieved. I read the instructions of the text, went upstairs to find a stool and the bedroom door shut. I sat on the stool and obeyed the rules. A pic ca me through on my phone of a seletion of toys, i had to pic one. I selected one and it was game on. Every couple of minutes i recieved a pic or vid of what C was doing to herself. A pic of C rubbing her nipples was first, then more intimate, more horny pics of how wet her pussy was and how ready and waiting her clit was. I was getting harder by the second but i ignored it, i wanted to concentrate on this. I started giving her orders, telling herĀ  to slow down or speed up. Ordering her to rub her juicy pussy or to use her vibe. I gradually started to hear her heavy breathing through the door so i told her to stop and wait..............then start again, faster and harder. When i could sense she was getting close to cumming, i ordered her to insert one then two fingers inside herself but to imagine a hot chick was doing it, that a hot chick was eating her gorgeous pussy and that was it, i heard her moaning through the door as she orgasmed to completion. "Im coming in" i said.