Written by Martinishaker

7 Apr 2008

I\'ve been fucking my boss since before I started working for him in 2006 (perhaps that went in my favour when I applied for the job!)

We\'ve had numerous fucks in hotels and in the office but one office fuck in particular has always made me very horny thinking back over it.

He normally spends a lot of time out of the office so sex has to be fitted in as and when. On this occasion he had been in the office quite a lot that week as he had been poorly & was unable to go out & visit customers.

As he had been poorly sex wasn\'t at the top of the agenda, however, later in the week he started getting a bit frisky. He asked me to unplug the extension cable that was under my desk as he needed to use it somewhere else in the office. I pushed my chair back & got on my hands & knees & crawled under my desk. He started rubbing his hands over my arse & then he reached round & started undoing the belt on my jeans. I didn\'t move, knowing I was in for a good fucking if I stayed where I was, doggy has always been my favourite position. Next thing I knew my jeans & thong are round my knees & he\'s fingering my cunt, first one finger, then two.

He told me to spread my legs, so I did (or as far as I could with jeans round my knees) & he slid his hard cock into my now wet cunt. I\'m under my desk with my face & tits on the floor & he\'s banging away at my cunt. Then he leans his arms on my desk to get more leverage & really bangs his cock in to my cunt hard. It made me gasp with pleasure.

After a few minutes he pulls out & sits down in his chair. He tells me to sit on his cock so after removing my jeans and thong I straddle his legs, with my back facing him & lower myself onto his big purple cock & using his desk & the printer table to support myself I start riding his cock. All the time he\'s saying how tight my cunt is & how it\'s really rubbing his cock. When my legs start to give way I get off planning to suck his cock but he has other ideas.

Still with my back facing him he tells me to bend over & then he starts fingering my cunt again. I ask him how many fingers he\'s using and he says \"two\" so I tell him to use more. He pushes a third and then a fourth finger into my wet cunt. His hand is in my cunt up to his knuckles & he tries to get his thumb in as well but it\'s just not happening. While he\'s fucking my cunt with his hand I start to rub my hard clit & it\'s not long before I shudder to the most amazing climax. I\'m normally a screamer but I had to bite my lip so no one outside will hear.

Before my climax is over he pulls his hand out & puts his cock back in. He tells me he can\'t believe he\'s just fisted me & yet my cunt is still tight. He grabs hold of my hips & bangs my hole as hard as he can, slapping my arse twice leaving red welts on my skin. Then as his climax builds he grabs hold of my shoulders & fucks me harder than he ever has, telling me I\'ve got a slutty cunt that needs a good hard fucking. Finally I feel his cock swell as he starts to pump his lovely hot cum into me. He groans and then collapses back in his chair. I turn round & take his softening cock into my mouth & suck him clean, tasting my juices & his.

Some people hate going to work, I can honestly say I love being in the office!!!