Written by Rob

3 Jul 2014

The wife was acting a bit funny it was like she want to say something to me but didn't and she was a little on edge, this went on a couple of weeks, in the end I said is there some thing wrong if there is tell me, she said no I am okay

A night or two later she was quite on edge again, once more I asked what was wrong, this time taken a deep breath she said there is some thing but I don't want to upset you

She said we don't have sex as much as we used to do we, well she was right, do you still fancy me, yes of course I do, we talked about that with out going into it all her needs where grater than mine

So I knew the problem but not the seclusion, a month or two later July said out of the blue I was chatted up today I made a joke of it, as time past I noticed she was taken a bit more care getting read to go out some times makeup and so on

Then she had a few nights out, one was to go to bingo some thing she never done before than girls night out a couple of them oh yes the signorina she found a inters in films

After a couple of months she was out twice a week on a regular basis and a few excuses for a weekend, I was starting to get surprises, the crunch came when I tried it on and got a knock back the same next time my sex went from once every couple of weeks to once a month if I was lucky, this carried on for two or three months, by then July was a bit mater a fact about her going out it became a rotten its been going on for over six months and some times she get home late I would be gone to bed it was now mid summer

The other thing that happened at that time was we had gone for a Sunday lunch in a pub we where at a tab;e eating and a man came in from outside and took a short cut to the bar past us July looked up she looked shocked he almost stopped in his tracks and looked at her then at me,then went on to the bar put his glass down and left if I have have ever seem my wife look guilty and sheepish it was then

On the way home I asked who the man was, she did what you would expect saying what man

So I described him about mid late thirties tall and the cloths he had on once more it was I didn't see him, after we got home I was in the garden and I noticed July in the kitchen walking up and down with her mobile phone talking to some one

That evening I let July go up to bed and looked on her phone the last call was listed as

QQQ but I got the number

I must tell you some thing about myself if I am out and have time I will pop into a couple of wooded areas locally to see what happening I have seen a few couples at it

This day was hot and I had from midday free so I thought why not, I went to where I think is the best place and I have had most luck there I park up the road and walk back which I did this day and off the main car park is some pull ins where I was I could keep an eye on two of them , an hour went by then a BMW pulled in, ten minuets later a white Aster came along and pulled in beside it, I had to look twice it was my wife's Aster she got out so did the man from the pub

Thy stood there snogging,then talked, then he went to the boot of his car and took out a blanket and walked hand in hand down a path, I was sure I knew where they where heading for there is a grassy patch hidden away down there I knew a quicker way

I got there first and was well hidden, they came in though the bushes, they got to the grass and looked about, he put the blanket down and they sat down, they where only a few feet from me, July was saying I dear not come out this week after Sunday you didn't tell me you be there,he said was that your old man she said yes, he asked questions about me, the guy said do you think he know any thing July replayed no he don't think like that his never seem to put two and two together and get it right, his not said any more most likely forgotten about it but I am playing it safe for now

He lay back hands under his head saying that is best, July had on a summer dress on its a nice one that button all the way down the front, the hem had ridden up the way she was sitting showing a lot of thigh, she bent over him and kissed him, as they kissed his hand went round her bum and moved the dress higher blood hell she hadn't got knicker on

After the kiss she was sitting up and with his other hand he undid some buttons, she was looking down watching him, when he pushed the dress off her shoulders I was once more surprised to see she had no bra either, he played with her nipples then she leaned in to let him suck one then the other

At the same time she started to undo his trousers, then he lifted his bum to let her pull the down he kicked his shoes off then his trousers his boxes went with them

She the sat up he was undoing the last buttons on the dress, her body was in the way but her arm was moving so she could of been wanking or playing with him, her other hand pull the open dress away from her waist, when she moved round I was holding my breath she was knelt by his upper arm she came round looking down him and what she had in her hand was huge I really mean big, she had one hand round it and I am sure her fingers didn't meet she put the other hand on top of the other one and still quite a bit was sticking out the foreskin was right back his bell end was jest that bell shaped with a flange over hanging the shaft I watched in amazement as she got that in her mouth it was to big to get much in and at times as she sucked it her cheek would bulge out it was a amazing sight my wife sucking on that monster with her quite large tits handing down both nipples sticking out as hard as rocks her tits swinging as she moved, once she almost chocked on his cock

I was stunned by what I was seeing, I thought if I was lucky I may catch some couple having it away not my wife, as he got a blow job he was pulling her round trying to get her over him,she was quite careful as she lifted her leg over his head, now they whee in a 69 it didn't take long before July was having trouble sucking and being licked at the same time she was rolling her hips and moaning with her mouth full, in the end she stopped sucking, she put her head on his pelvis still hold his cock by her head it came to the top of her head it was that long she started panting and gasping and saying OH CHRIST then she shook and cried out YES YES he got her off

It was a scramble she swung herself off him turned to face him straddling him, she bent forwared he had had a hand under her, she moved back and gasped she pushed a little more

with a groan, saying David it had gone inside her, then slowly she rocked her hips she was taken more a few times she gasped, after a time she started to sit up,when she got upright her hand on his tummy, she looked down saying David we must not leave it this long you don't know how much I want this you feel even bigger

I would not of ever imagined my wife doing any thing like this let alone doing it outside, there she was impaled on another mans cock the size of a donkeys where did it all go how did she get it inside her, she was sitting still breathing quite heavily

As I watched she started to move on it only slowly using her hips it made her gasp some times, she did that for a time then with a look of consecrations on her face she stared to lift a little only a inch or two at first, she let a little gasp out when she came down, she started to get faster and go higher, he held her hands to support her

She was soon bouncing tits swinging on her chest she keep this up as long as she could then let out what was like a squeal then fell over him her body was like she was shivering she was also panting he had his arms round her holding her she had fucked herself and had a very intense climax

They jest lay still like that letting my wife get her breath back, then they rolled over together that cock was was long enough to stay inside her doing that they moved round a bit I was looking more between July's legs and his,she was going to get it on her back now, I got a good look at his ares and his balls he got a pair of nuts to match his cock

his cock looked very wide July's pussy was stretched round it he kissed her before he move, he draw it back and then went back with some force she yelped out that was only the start he went to town riding her I could see her cunt lips come out and going back he was that big he was pulling them, he had burst of speed she lay there knees bent thighs apart

his cock was like a piston driving into her, once he was up on his toes like he was doing press ups, she had cum a few times there was a white ring round his shaft and some coming out her lips, he been going a time now he must be near, to finish off he picked her legs up and pushed then down over her at first she held her feet

Doing that it had rolled her bum up and lifter her Jesus did that man go when he got her like that she was screaming, he didn't last long like that he started to grunt he ares cheeks clenched he gasped as he jerked his hip he was letting his load go inside my wife

She was holding her tight wide open as she got seeded he grounded and stopped moving and they lay still

When he did pull out her cunt looked like a black hole it was gaping open she lay there legs open getting her breath back after a few seconds it was like a white bubble appareled then it was more like a river of spunk tricked out

They hugged and kissed I was shocked to hear July say I love you, I guess from the time she got on top of him till he shot his lot there fuck had last an hour there was a few brakes in that but she had him inside her that long

She got her hand bag and took out a handful of tissues to sock up the spunk that was still running out of her, they lay there naked in the sun

July said I dear not see you this week at night in case Rob start asking questions but if its nice on Wednesday can we come her in the afternoon like today he said no problem the same time she said yes that be fin, he also asked if she let me have it she said no he keep trying I cart feel him when he do it now that's your foul with that touching his dick, he said how long is it now sines you two did it she thought a bit over two months his not that interested any way David laughed say do you think he forget about it in then she said I hope so with a smile if we do it he humps away for a few minuets if he wasn't on top of me I wouldn't know he was doing it David thought that was funny, then said what you need to is jest give him a want I bet he be happy with that July said you may have something there good idea

July asked the time he said half four, she said oh Christ I have to go Ray be home soon

they rushed getting dressed she got a pair of knickers out of her bag and put them on she thought about it before coming here as they got dress she was look right where I was but obviously she couldn't see me,I had cum in my pants

The thing I knew I would be here on Wednesday,when I got home July had a skirt on and blouse I guess bra and knickers, she was complacently normal there was no sight she been fucked all afternoon she said your tea almost ready I was a bit late getting it on been in the garden most of the afternoon I told she looked like she court the sun