26 Mar 2017

I was sat in the lounge working at the table on my lap top when Ellen walked in, I glanced up as she came through the door and noticed that she was looking very flushed. I asked her if everything was alright and she became more flustered. As I have said before Ellen comes over as standoffish so to see her like this was a surprise. She eventually gathered her breath and told me that she had just run home as she thought she was being followed by a couple. What 2 guys I enquired, no, a couple, she responded. Intrigued further I asked why do you think they followed you.

What Ellen then said was a real shocker, she had been in the ladies in the reception area at the uni and had heard a couple in the cubicle next to hers. With her curiosity piqued she had stood on the seat and looked over the top of the separating wall, straight into the eyes of a woman who was leaning against the toilet whilst her partner was licking her pussy. The woman had winked at her as she had an orgasm. Ellen stated that she had left without even washing her hands but the couple had seen her leaving the reception and followed her. I asked what she had thought would happen when she had first looked. I don't know was her response, I have never seen people doing that before. It was now that her flush returned and I realised that she was really embarrassed, I asked her if she had ever had sex to which she shook her head. I was bought up in a very small and quiet village and was home tutored from the age of 11. My tutor taught me biology and about sex but that was my first real experience, well apart from hearing both you and Amy at night panting so I assumed you were, you know, enjoying yourselves but that is all.

It was my turn to go red now, embarrassed at the thought of being heard whilst I masturbated, albeit not as bad as being caught by mum at home, but nearly. I said that if I had disturbed her I was sorry, but she replied no not disturbed, just envious as I am not even sure what you were doing.

OMG, was she asking me for a sex lesson or what, now I was speechless and Ellen could see that I was shocked. With a very quick sorry she turned and left the room and I heard her run up the stairs to her room and shut her door. Well that was the end of my working for the evening as I wondered what the hell to do. When I went to my room I paused outside her door but could hear nothing so I assumed she was working, or something. Once in my room I sat on my bed and realised that although I was taken aback I was also quite aroused, so Once again I laid back onto my bed and started to stroke my small breasts with one hand whist the other lifted the hem of my skirt. I rubbed my panties with the palm of my hand, feeling the cotton moving over my pussy. Remembering how much Ellen had heard before I turned over to bury my head in my pillow. I was surprised at how damp my panties were as I slid my hand under the elastic and moved my fingers through my pubes, I then moved my middle finger up and down the crack of my labia which soon parted, allowing access to my wet but tight vagina. With my thumb moving in circles on my clitoris I fingered myself until I came trying to muffle my sex noises with the pillow. Although this did not answer the question of what to say to Ellen it did help me doze off, until after midnight when I awoke still dressed and in need of a shower.