23 Apr 2017

Mandy froze, her finger still touching my clit through my panties, very slowly I stood upright and let my dress fall back over my very excited body. The feel of the material on my nipples almost made me orgasm, looking at Mandy she had the most wicked grin as she pushed her finger into my pussy, forcing my panties into me. I could not help it as I shuddered and came on her hand. Biting my lip to try and keep the person next door from hearing me my knees gave way and I slid down onto her knees. I was still cumming as we heard the sound of the flush next door and then the door open and close. Fucking hell Mandy whispered, that was sooo horny, bloody risky I replied, but yeah that was one intense orgasm, I have never cum so hard before. What now I asked in all innocence , well now it is my turn Mandy informed me. Oh is it I replied being naive, your turn for what? Well first you can move your head a bit and start by licking my pussy, as I leant in to her I could smell her musky scent, opening her lips I slid my tongue up and down them, loitering on her clitty which was much larger than mine, so much so that it stuck out from its hood like a little penis. I wrapped my lips around it and flicked it with my tongue. Mandy wrapped her legs around my neck and I could feel her thighs tense up as she too also started to cum. Her juices dribbled over my chin as she raised her hips and pushed herself harder onto my face. Breathing heavily Mandy grabbed my head and held me still as the waves of her orgasm passed through her body, After recovering we both looked at each other, was that your first she asked, nodding I replied yes. Well let me say you are wonderful and have a real talent for being incredibly sexy. Reaching into her bag she passed me a business card on which was her mobile number and address. Maybe we could do this again she asked after giving me the card. Without speaking I winked at her and left the cubicle, as I walked out of the toilets I saw her husband look at me and smile. With a little wave I walked past him and made my way through the park and on to town, all the time thinking of what Mandy had said and wondering if I dare take her up on the offer. Maybe I will let you know, but for now I had to buy some new underwear. Bye.