Written by James

1 Feb 2016

A couple nights ago, I went with my wife to a bar where she was meeting a fuck friend called Steven. He was visiting from out of town and she had spent a night and fucked on his last trip down here.

I knew from her descriptions of her previous date that Steven is insanely skilled in bed. I didn’t know the half of it.

We met Steven and my wife introduced me to him. After that he hardly spoke to me, only to her. He talked of the arrangements and how he had missed her. He also outlined the night ahead. She just giggled, smiled and made small talk. It was as if I wasn’t really there.

After a drink at the bar, Steve asked her if she was ready and she and him headed across the street to a hotel he had booked. This is where they would be spending the night. I just followed.

Within minutes of arriving, he had my wife naked and on her back as he fingered and licked her to several powerful orgasms. Having turned her into a quivering, giggling mess, Steven then mounted my wife, fucking her missionary as she wrapped her firm, shapely legs around him.

His body moved like waves of energy, completely fluid and smooth. Soon he had her having her third, fourth, and fifth orgasms of the night. It was awesome to watch.

After fucking her for about ten minutes, Steve pulled out. He pulled his condom off and straddled my wife.

He closed his eyes like he was concentrating. His hands were on his hips. Then, his cock began to twitch. He opened his eyes and looked down at her. Then out of his cock shot cum in long streams, onto my wife’s face and her waiting tongue.

My wife licked her lips and looked up at him as said, “that’s the the best tasting cum I’ve ever swallowed.” My gut began to churn when she said that.

I was still fully clothed and standing near the wall to keep out of their road. I had only been given permission to be there if I stayed quiet and out of the road. I expected nothing in return or any release, only the privilege to watch.

It would not have been a minute’s break and Steven pulled on a new condom. He rolled my wife over and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. Then he pushed his cock back into her and fucked her doggy-style. I could see his cum from the first load still on my wife’s face.

Steve thrust in and out of her until she had cum a couple more times, then they re-positioned so that my wife was riding him.

He told my wife how beautiful she is. He complimented her “tight, fit body.” His hands played with her nipples as she worked her body on top of his cock. Then he began to bounce her on his lap.

My wife came again. Finally, he rolled over on top of her. He pulled out, pulled off the condom and shot his second load across her open mouth. She made short work of licking and swallowing that. Then she scooped up his cum using her fingers, from her face that her tongue couldn’t reach. She then licked her fingers.

Another condom, no real break, his cock was still hard and stiff.

He mounted my wife again, this was the third time. He pushed her down onto her stomach and lay on top of her. He swirled his hips against her arse and built her up to a sustained orgasm that continued to rock her even after they’d finished fucking.

He kept up this assault until my wife’s eyes were rolled back in her head and she was just muttering mindlessly, her body shaking beneath him. Then, he pulled out, off with the condom again and then flipped her onto her back. He knelt beside her face and stuffed the first inch or so of his dick between my wife’s lips and let her gently suck.

Then he unloaded in her mouth.

I could not believe he had cum again. I mean where the fuck does he store it all?

Steven decided he needed a break. They took showers. Then, Steven decided a snack was in order.

All the night he made all the decisions. My wife went with whatever he said.

He and my wife went to a local restaurant to replenish their energy. No one invited me so I stayed in the room.

After about half an hour she texted me to let me know that they were having fun and would return soon.

It was a couple of hours later, Steven and my wife were back at the hotel room. As they walked in, Steven grabbed my wife and started pulling off her clothes. Once he had her naked, he walked her to the bed and bent her over it. Holding her firmly down, he started to fuck her from behind. He smacked her arse.

Once again this was so hot almost animalistic.

When he was ready to cum (at which point my wife had cum at least a half dozen times), Steven pushed her onto her knees in front of him.

Just like before he pointed his dick at her and focused. It twitched a few times, and then shot its load.

Steven blew his load on my wife’s face for the fourth time that night.

They took a break then and my wife went and freshened herself up in the bathroom. It was very intimidating for me as I was on the floor and Steven was lying back on the bed. He never spoke to me and I never said a word.

When she returned, she just turned and smiled as she lay back on the bed next to him. They talked, whispered and played with each other for about an hour.

Then he lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, spreading her legs wide open, and he fucked her more.

This last time was really slow. It was like torture. Sweet torture.

Steven worked my wife back into that persistent orgasmic state in which wave after wave just washed over her. I don’t know how long this went on but she must have cum well over a dozen times.

Finally, Steven came for the last time of the night. He pulled out, pulled off his 5th condom of the night, pulled her head close, and blasted into her waiting mouth.

Then they just curled up and went to sleep. All I could do was make myself as comfortable as possible on the floor.

In the morning, Steven woke my wife up so that she could shower. He knew she had to work on a very important job that day and needed to get to her office. He had said the night before that he would drop her off at her office on his way. He made all the decisions and she just agreed.

She got out of bed and began to walk towards the shower. To do this she had to walk past me as I was still on the floor.

Before she could reach the bathroom, Steven grabbed her from behind. He picked her up off the floor and carried her back to the bed. He tossed her down, then grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed so she was bent over it with her arse facing him.

He put on a condom and fucked my wife hard and fast. No foreplay or extended orgasms this time. Just a rough, quick fuck before work. I spite of this he made my wife cum and then he pulled her down onto her knees and shot on her face and tongue yet again.

She had swallowed some or all of his load five times in about 10 hours. This last one was just a facial, but all the other times she got a good amount or most of it in her mouth.

They then showered and she dressed quickly and they both left so she could get to work.

I left the room after them but not before investigating the sheets which had stains over them. You could smell her perfume on them but also that strong smell of sweat and sex.

I returned home and my wife rang me at about 10 and asked how I was. I told her I was fine and looking forward to seeing her. She thanked me for being so good.

She then said, “You’re a crazy guy. You watched your wife get well and truly fucked by someone and you still can’t wait to see her.

I then asked her if they had at any time talked about me. “No” she said “you never came up” Ouch!

She told me then that Steven said he would be this way again soon and would see her again and that she had agreed. She never waited to ask me or what arrangements might be. I don’t know if I will be included or made to wait for her to come home.

She then went on to say that the date last night had been even better than the first date she had told me about. She went on to say that having me there must have spurred him on the show me and possibly even her, what he could really do to her. She couldn’t wait to do it all again. It made me feel quite insignificant as her husband.

Well that was Thursday into Friday. As I write this I still haven’t had any release yet. The frustration is unbearable, but the images of her incredible night are so sexy to me that it’s totally worth it.

My only fear is that when I do get to fuck her finally, I won’t be able to do literally a 6th of what Steven was able to. Also she will make me wait until she is ready.