Written by Alex

21 Mar 2013

I had to write about something that happened to us last year while on holiday after reading one of the stories on here and was sort of the same type of outcome, we liked going to the beach where you could sunbath naked and get all over tan we both enjoyed the feel of being nude and not have to wear any costumes.

I liked seeing the naked females laying sunbathing being careful not to let the wife see me looking we had found a nice quiet part with a bit of shade from some trees which was good as I had to be careful as I burn easy but the wife could take being in it all day sometimes when I would go into the shade of the trees and back from where the wife was laying so I could read my book then a few times I noticed that one old guy would walk past and stare at the wife while she was sleeping or had her eyes closed I thought yes you like the look of her don't you and didn't realy mind as I had done the same walking along the beach to where we sunbathed.

It was after a couple days and the same guy kept coming past every time I moved into the shade and seemed to be getting closer every time he past and then out of the blue he walked up to where I was sitting and asked me the time and we got chatting how great the weather was and how there was lots of nice walks around here I agreed and he walked off, this got to be a regular thing after a few days we got quite friendly and would chat for ages then he began to comment on how nice my wife looked and that he was a widower now and was 70 but still like to look at all the laidies I was kidding him on and asked when it was he had last had sex he told me it was over 5 years sice he had sex with a female but still like to masterbate whenever he could and said thats why he walks past here.

I thought about what he had just said and asked what do you mean thats why you walk past here he said I cant say and was about to go when I asked him again why here he looked at me and said your wife I liked looking at her and the second time I came past one of her legs had fallen to the side and it had made him horny I was sort of shocked but inside it made me feel funny I joked and asked did you like what you saw then, He told me he had gone into the bushes behind us and masterbated while looking at her and had done the same every day since I am sorry if I have offended you but she is so beautiful and how lucky I was to be able to look at her anytime I liked I laught I can do more than just look I told him and we ended up talking about what we got up to in the bedroom each day we spoke more and more and we both got horny at times and this went on for the whole of the first week.

I got horny thinking about all this chat when we were in our room at night and seemed to be horny all the time and began telling the wife how sexy she looked sunbathing on the beach and I had saw a few guys looking at her and had walked past her a few times to get a better look she told me that there were much better females on the beach to look at the her and had seen me looking at them loads of times, I said no I don't she smiled and said she wasn't bothered as long as I only looked we spoke for ages and i admitted that it didnt bother me when Guys looked at her and quite liked it knowing they found her sexy she laughed thats when I told her what the guy had said to me she asked me what was that I told her that he found her that sexy that he had gone into the bushes to masterbate thinking about her after seeing her with her legs open.

I could see she was getting aroused as her nipples were getting hard and felt between her legs and she was all wet I said did you mean to tease him and it wasnt right to tease such a old guy you might give him a heart attack it made us both horny speaking about it we had the best fuck for ages The next day when we were at the beach and I had enough of the sun and was going into the shade I said come and sit beside me and see if he comes along today she said why you want him to look at me I told her yes it made me horny last night just thinking about it she said no she was to scared I told her he would just walk past and maybe say hello I took her hand and pulled her up and we went into the shade.

We were sitting there for about 15 minutes when I saw him walking towards us I said here he comes let your leg fall to the side and lets see if he goes into the bushes not thinking she would do it her face went red but did what I asked the old guy instead of walking past came over to us and sat down right infront of us I didn't know what to say but noticed that her nipples were all hard like last night and began to feel horny he said have you both had to much sun today I said yes need to cool down a bit he looked at me and said yes I can see you need to cool down and I had a real stiffy he turned to my wife and said see what you do to us guys and looked right down at her pussy and started to play with himself and asked if she would let a old guy touch her leg she looked at me and shrugged her shoulders he put his hand on her knee and was stroking it while he played with himself she is so soft it has been ages since he had touched such a sexy girl.

He turned to me and said I hope I havent stepped over the line and I just said it was alright looking but someone might come along thinking he would stop what he was doing but agreed and said yes it would be better if we went more into the bushes and took hold of her hand and helped her up we both looked at each other and followed him when we got behind some bushes he said you better lay down so you are not seen we both laid down while he still stood there he told me to go ahead and touch her and he would keep watch for us I put my hand on her tit and she jumped he asked how it felt I started to tell him how nice it felt he kept giving me instructions on what to do next and I just did it we played like this for ages and I had her squirming and breathing hard when I noticed he was on his knees between my wifes legs and asking how wet she was I opened her pussy and said look be bent over and licked her she moaned and started shaking i had never seen her like this he was sucking her like mad and she was in heaven I stood up to check we were alone and watched while this 70 year old guy was licking and sucking my wifes pussy for all its worth he then looked at me smiled and crawled between her legs his cock seemed like it was ready to burst the head on it had swollon so big I couldnt believe it was happening as he pushed between her wet pussy lips she put her arms round him and pulled him into her crying yes yes put it in me his face was beetroot I thought he was going to faint as he shot his load into my wife he went on for ages even after he had come his lot like he didnt want it to end.

We all seemed afraid to speak once we all came to he was the first to speak and told us how much he had ejoyed being with such a sexy girl and had never had sex like that ever he asked our ages and when we told him we were both 39 and had never done anything like this before he said well you both have made a old guy like him very happy and horny and would very much like to give us something I told him no it is ok it had gone further than I had intended He said yes he never thought a young woman like her would ever let him touch her and wanted to thank us and would give us 500 euros if she let him touch her again and said please his cock was hard again and so was mine my wife looked at us and just laid back without saying anything he took out some notes and handed them to me and began sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit I stood up again watching him have his way with my wife after paying me I began to masterbate watching them he pulled her up and laid down on his back and told her to suck him she was never kean to suck me but she took him in her mouth and seemed to be enjoying it he pulled her round while she sucked him and started to lick her cum filled pussy his face was all wet she was ridding his face he pushed her and she sat up and mounted him so slowly I could see his cock slip into her she looked up at me just as I shot my load all over her face and tits this made her realy fuck him they both seemed to cum at once I could see his cum pushing out of her pussy and run down his balls she lay back with her legs wide open what a site he took aged before his soft cock slipped out and her pussy was still running with cum.

We all sort of slinked out of the bushes looking about incase we were seen and woundering what we had been up to he again thanked us over and over again and if we would like to come back he would pay us again I had forgot all about him giving me money and said not tyhis had been a once only and never again sorry we all left and hardly spoke till we got back to our room I told her I was sorry for letting this happen and asked her to forgive me she looked at me and said it doesnt seem to have stopped you feeling horny and took hold of my cock and started to suck me she looked up and said why have you not fucked me yet dont you like me anymore I had her stripped naked in seconds and told her I loved her more than ever and when I felt her cum sooked pussy so slippy I shot my load we fucked all night and next day.

The next few days we never went to the beach and just went on some trips, we still got of on speaking about what had happened at night and had great sex and it wasnt till the day before we were due to go home that we said we should go and top up our tans before we go home I asked if we should maybe go somewhere different incase our friend turns up she yes it would be better so we found a place further along the beach and it was getting late and were ready to leave when he appeared beside us smiling and sat down he said he hadnt seen us for a few days and thought we had left for home we told him this was our last day and were just topping up our tan, he said we had made this his best holiday ever and the best sex he has had in so long and wanted to remember it for the rest of his life and no one would ever believe that a young girl would even look at him never mind letting him touch her and would i mind taking a photo of him standing beside her we both said no someone might recognise her he said ok dont show her face only his but show her body again I said no he pleaded with us for ages and the wife said ok but make sure my face isnt in it.

He Gave me his camera and stood beside my wife with his arm around her waist I took the photo and we looked at it I had only managed to take a bit of my wife with trying to not show her face he said that isnt very good and said ok lets try this and we moved up the dunes a bit he knelt down and said now you can just miss her head out and show her body all this was taking it its toll and I had a semi and so did he it felt strange taking photo's of my wife with a stranger and a old one with beer belly at that, I was about to take the photo when he put his hand up to her pussy and started to lick her I was clicking away watching this and she sort of sagged he took her hand again and led us behind some trees and pushed her up against a tree and started to kiss her it was weird looking at this stranger kissing my wife and touching her all over and here I was taking pictures of them she had her eyes closed and was letting him do what he wanted after he sucked her tits so her niples were like organ stops he turned her around and bent her over and started to fuck her her tits were swinging like mad she looked so sexy and slutty I got close to them and she grabed me and started to suck me while he fucked her he shot hiis load and pulled out just as I noticed that a other guy was beside us and had been watching he just took his position behind my wife and was fucking her before we new what was happening I shot my load all over her face and our friend had took my place now it was like a porn movie me taking photo's while my wife was being used by strangers I think she must have been fucked umteen times before we left when we were packing our things together I noticed he had left 500euros.

We left the next day and agreed that it had just been a holiday fling.