Written by Mary

10 Jul 2008

I am probably the youngest contributor to Swinging Heaven. I am 19 years old and found this site when I read about some of the wild things I have been doing while I was browsing the computer at the house of friends of my parents - and frequently with whom I have been living on and off this past few months. Their stories have been a bit exaggerated but are more or less true. Here is some factual stuff.

A bit about me. I am a student, 19 years old , long dark hair, quite slim, 5ft 7, 34c tits and (I am told) a very high sex drive. I tend to need it every day and sometimes many times. I feel horny a lot during every day and often make myself cum in the toilet during the day, usually imagining what I will get up to that evening. What I have discovered and have been amazed about is how much older people (men and women) like younger girls especially those they have watched growing up over the years. I first realised this a year or so ago with friends of my parents. I found myself being felt up by some of their friends. They would sometimes be really daring, stroking my tits and whispering dirty comments in my ear when kissing me at the door. One time one guy pushed his hand up my skirt and got fingers in my pussy while he was kissing me \\\'hello\\\' and his wife was next to him! It certainly made me feel more and more hot as these guys would then whisper to me during the evening things like \\\'God I love your tits, I would love to be giving you a good time tonight, haven\\\'t you become a sexy girl\\\' things like that. It made me hot and wet every time, talking dirty always does. Anyway, one time (at a new year\\\'s eve party last year) it did go further and my dad\\\'s closest friend finger fucked cumming in the toilet. I was begging him to do me but it was high risk and we didn\\\'t have enough time. A few weeks later he started shagging me first by himself, in his car or in a motel or (really riskily and exciting) in my own bed at my parents house. He was good at fucking me and I found I came a lot more than when getting it from my current or past boyfriend. Then came the breakthrough when I started going to bed with him and his wife. I am not usually bi but I did enjoy getting fucked by Gary on all fours while Sue licked my fanny and played with my clit. We started doing it regularly and talking dirty and role playing a lot. That was when I discovered how much older guys like young girls in school uniform. They got me to wear my old school uniform, which has a very short skirt and tight blouse. It really turned them on and we started going to parties like that when I would get fucked by complete strangers (all of them insisting on me keeping the school kit on) when they would assume (amazing) that I was Gary and Sue\\\'s daughter. I love behaving like a slut and it is really hot to wear my old school uniform and get hit on by guys who say they have been lusting after me for a long time, commenting on my tits and how they remember seeing me sunbathing in my tiny bikini in my parents garden. Gary and his best mate often do me together and they always talk a lot about how they have watched me and wanted to fuck me. They sometimes tell me to wear a really short skirt, tight top and no knickers and bra and take me to a country pub where we sit on the grass outside and they feel me up and let people see these old guys (well 45 or so) hitting on a supposed schoolgirl (people say I look only 16 or 17 although I am 19). Once they urged me to flirt and pick up a guy in the bar, which I did because I was drunk and he shagged me in the car park out the back. I didnt have a condom with me, so I had to get a morning after pill, but it was fantastic just getting fucked against the wall by someone I had just met. He just pushed me against the wall, pushed his hand up my skirt, fingered me to cumming and then unzipped and banged me hard while he ripped open my top and sucked my tits. It was hot and wild. It was really me being a horny slut. I came again when he did. I rejoined Gary who seemed even more turned on by feeling this guy\\\'s spunk in my pussy and on my thighs. We went home and had another wild time with him wanting to hear all about what the guy did and said over and over. What is it about older guys and young girls?