Written by Mary

18 Aug 2008

More about my holiday in Spain last month with Gary and Sue, my parents\' best friends. We went to see their Spanish friends in Marbella. I was dressed in a very short white skirt, tight blue plungey top, thong and bra. Just before we left the hotel, Gary grabbed me and did what he had been talking about the previous night in bed: he stripped me off and pushed me out on to the balcony and literally shagged the arse off me leaning against the balcony rail. People could see if they look up. I held on as my tits squashed against the glass balcony and Gary banged me from behind. It turned me on as much as him. Sue, who loves watching her hubby fucking me, made herself cum while Gary finished me off.A hell of a sight if anyone looked up from the swimming pool a few floors below us! Anyway, then we cleaned ourselves up and Gary kept telling me that Ricardo his Spanish mate wanted to see me. I knew what that meant and I was up for it. Being in the sun makes me as horny as hell and Sue and I had spent another day lying by the pool being chatted up (and occasionally felt up, just a bit) by Spanish and Russian guys. Sue had some quick sex with one of the guys she \'met\' over breakfast and Gary had pumped me full of his hot spunk. But we were both still up for a wild night and plenty of sex. Sue was wearing a very flimsy short summer dress through which you could see her black bra and knickers. Anyway, Gary had his hand on my thigh in the taxi all the way there and was telling me that I would like Ricardo. He also had lined up Ricardo\'s 20 year old son for Sue, it seemed. Anyway, it all started as soon as we arrived. Ricardo greeted me at the door and his hand went straight to my tits, he was playing with my nipples and what was a social kiss turned into tongues and then his hand in my knickers. It was wild! It was a drinks party and we met some of the people including Ricardo\'s son who immediately hooked up with Sue. He was my age but she was all over him and they disappeared for most of the rest of the evening. The daughter Maria was also very sexy, dressed (I am not kidding) only in a bikini. Gary did not need tempting twice: he just went straight for her and everytime I looked I saw Maria sitting on his lap or astride him while his hands were all over her. This was some wild family. Ricardo kept kissing me and groping me and I was so far gone that I didn\'t care that everyone could see this 50 year old Spanish guy pulling this 19 year old English girl (although everyone says I only look 16 or 17!!). He was fantastic though and was stroking my tits in a wonderful way as we snogged. He undid my bra and then had his hands up my shirt. I was in heaven. He pushed me against the wall and pulled my shirt over my head and my bra off. I was now holding on to him, with my bare tits pressing against his chest. He then pushed his hands round from my bum and down into my thong and then wow! right into my fanny. I came almost at once as he worked on my soaking fanny telling me he was going to fuck me soo hard. I was whispering in his ear for him to fuck me too. Then he pushed me with his hand up my skirt and me with no top and my tits swinging openly towards a bedroom. Once there, he pushed me down on the bed and in no time had stripped off. He then pulled my skirt off and I threw my thong off. I was soaking wet and lying there with my legs wide apart as this amazing Spanish guy went to work licking my cunt, he was biting at my clit and pulling my lips wide apart as his tongue drove me mad. I was screaming at him to fuck me, go on fuck me. I bet everyone could hear me. But I just wanted his cock that I had wanked a little bit and sucked for a while, inside me and now. But he teased me more. First he sat astride me and pushed his cock into my mouth. I hungrily sucked on this lovely cock and played with his huge balls while he fingered my pussy. Then he pushed me to lick his arse, which I didnt really like but it was making him go wild. I was yelling for him to shag me. Finally, he turned me over and just as I thought he was going to fill my cunt, he pushed his cock not there but into my arse. It stung at first as he pushed it slowly in but there I was on all fours with his cock in my arse and his fingers on my pussy and I came in the loudest biggest way ever, I was absolutely in heaven and screaming with several orgasms one after the other. Only after that had subsided did he turn me back over and fuck my cunt. He came pretty quickly after that, telling me I was an amazing \'little girl\' and it was obviously thought I was Gary\'s daughter because he told me that he was turned on by swapping daughters (because Gary was shagging Ricardo\'s daughter!). Then he suddenly dressed and left and that was when it got wilder still because I ended up being gang banged (willingly of course) by three or four different men one after the other. They all seemed just to want to fuck me, empty their spunk into me and then pump more of it on to my body and face and then go. It happened four times before I found myself waking after a brief sleep, coated in cum and feeling completely sated. When we got ready to go, Sue was in the same state as me and said the son and two of his mates had shagged her while Gary had just spent the whole night with the daughter. I felt like a very happy slut. I couldnt find my bra or thong and Ricardo had his hands up my skirt and all over my tits as we said goodbye. If he had wanted to give me it again then he could have. I was up for sooo much more sex. That was our third night in Spain!!