Written by Mary

3 Sep 2008

I hadnt realised until last night that Sue and Gary between them had videod so much of the sex we all had on holiday in Marbella last month. I was vaguely aware of the camera at odd times but thought it was no different to them taking phots of me being fucked which they seem to do all the time. Anyway, last night I was sitting on Gary's lap being snogged and felt up as usual when Sue suggested showing their latest dvd-- which turned out to be a very very horny dvd which reminded me of how wild a holiday it had been. It was wilder than I had thought. The dvd started tame enough with Gary fucking me up the arse on the first afternoon in the hotel. No clothes off, just pushing me on the bed and turning me over. I came in minutes and he poured spunk all over me, rubbing his cock all over my face. Sue had trouble keeping the camera still. Then there was me in a restaurant in my tiniest blue slip over dress and no bra and Gary telling a waiter to stop leering at me "if you want to touch her tits, go on..." anyway he did and was holding my tits while he kissed my neck and really made me very horny but nothing else happened. There was a lot of Ricardo on top of me. It always seemed to be him pushing me down and all over me while he yanked my pants off and then fucked me like that. One time I hadnt remembered was when he had me on all fours in his apartment and Maria was watching dressed only in her bikini, clearly turned on by my screaming with cum. Gary came in and had her along side us on the same bed. There was plenty of shots of Gary licking Maria's fanny, some watched by Camilla. Sue was the most shocking of all perhaps because Gary had filmed her begging Maria's brother and his friend Tom to tie her up and treat her like a slut. She was begging for it and telling them to treat her like a whore. Anyway, they didn't tie her up but, after she had stripped off for them, they fucked her in turns with one holding her down as she wanted while the other banged her. They did as she asked and made a real mess of her, covering her face and hair with their spunk and rubbing it into her tits, calling her an english slut and making her beg for their cocks over and over. Maria came in after a time and she told them to do her. Tom , the brother's friend, needed no encouragement and pushed her against the wall, pushed her skirt up and just rammed her. She made sooo much noise when she came. This wild dvd ended with a shot of me in my tiny white skirt, no top, and my face and neck covered with Ricardo's spunk after I gave him a blow job in our hotel room. After watching this, Gary and Sue took me bed. We were all sooo wet and horny and came quickly and then several times more in a very eventful night....now resting but am planning to borrow the dvd and show it to Amy...that should be good.