Written by Mary

30 Sep 2008

Well after being shagged silly by my old history teacher (who had been my fantasy i my sixth form almost two years ago), I was walking on air and a bit sore. It was wild even for me and I found myself closing my eyes and thinking of him doing me in front of the class at our good catholic girls school!

Needless to say I was not a catholic good or otherwise and had plenty of cock in my last two years at school, boys from a local boarding school saw to that. Amy and I shared quite a lot of sex even in those days and used to flirt with teachers together. Gordon called me after our weekend and we talked about how wild it was after all these years and he said he had wanted to fuck me since schooldays - which made two of us. He was talking about times when Amy and I used to hike our skirts up and flash out knickers to him. Even one time when Amy brushed her tits against him. We were always trying it on with him and were really serious at one time about trying to get laid by teachers. But no luck then, just fantasies while we got sex from less experienced boys who were more interested in a very quick fuck in the forest near the school.

Gordon kept asking about Amy and then suggested he and another teacher Mr David (Mike) should come and take us both out. I was getting wet just thinking about it and agreed I would ask Amy if she would. Well, I knew she would be up for it. Anyway, long story short, we were in this pub with Mike and Gordon. And, you guessed it, we were dressed as Gordon asked, in our school uniforms. I had told Gary and Sue (Amy\'s mum and dad) what we were doing and they were cool with it. But I knew they would get off on hearing all about it after and perhaps about taking part in a real orgy another time. However much Gary, Sue and I enjoy our wild sex together, they are cool about having other partners and doing other stuff, which in my case includes my black sex stud Tony who has also fucked Sue in the past but prefers girls his own age and is wary of older women wanting his very big black cock.

Anyway, there we were, Amy and me in our very tight school gear - white shirt, short blue skirt, flat shoes, black bra and knickers, no tights. It was a warm saturday evening so we were in the pub garden and it kicked off quickly. It all started with Gordon and Mike talking to us about the number of times they had each wanted to teach us a lesson (literally) and had talked in the staff room about fucking us because we so clearly wanted it and kept rubbing ourselves against them. We were all getting hot. Although Gordon had fucked me sooo well the other week, it was Mike who came on to me in the pub. We were snogging in this dark corner and his hands just went straight to my tits and I almost came there and then as he unclipped my bra and grabbed at my tits. My nipples were sooo hard as he pushed his tongue into my mouth and pressed hard against me. Gordon was even faster and had his hand up Amy\'s skirt almost as soon as he kissed her. I started to stroke Mike\'s hard cock through his trousers and could see Gordon finger fucking Amy. She had to stop herself screaming but certainly came for the first time in the pub.

Anyway, Gordon suggested going back to his flat (his wife was away he said). It was just a walk away but we stopped in an alley for a snog. Gordon was now all but stripping Amy, her shirt was open and her tits were hanging out and he was fingering her as they snogged for england leaning against the fence. Mike was not far behind and his hands were all over me. It was so much like my fantasies of a year or so before, the number of times when I had wanted to feel this cock! Anyway he pushed my head down and I was on my hands and knees unzipping his cock. It felt like heaven as I tasted his cock for the first time, running my tongue up and down it and then taking it all into my mouth. I sucked long a few times before Gordon got sensible and suggested we hurried up back to his flat. It was wild going up the stairs in the building because both the guys had their hands up our skirts and were fingering us noisily. Amy and I were real sluts and just dying to be shagged and kept screaming at them to do it. The two guys (respectable teachers) kept trying to shush us up (sort of) but they were in need of a good fuck as much as we were.

Once in the flat, we had a surprise. There were two other teachers there! We sobered up at least briefly as Amy and I realised that all the four teachers who we had most fantasised about while in school were there to shag us stupid. The other two were pretty drunk too and after a quick grope and snog from the two who we had just \'met\' again, it all got very serious. Amy being Amy just came right out and said: \"Well come on then, whose going to gang bang us two sluts. We want it rough and we want it now. Come on and get what you wanted..imagine we\'re still in that classroom begging for it.\" The four guys needed no more encouragement. They all stripped off pretty quickly and two grabbed each of us. Gordon was now back on me with Mr Lavin (whose christian name I never knew) and Mike and Steve grabbed Amy.

We were rolling about on this very big king\'s size bed. Gordon held me down by my arms above my head (didnt need any persuasion, love that) while Lavin grabbed my knickers and yanked them off. He went to work on my fanny, pulling my legs apart and then with his fingers and tongue, parting my lips and really working on me until I was absolutely liquid, just cumming and cumming. He knew how to use that tongue. If only I had known two years before! They were both calling me a slut and a bitch and I loved it as they ripped the buttons open on my top. All I had left was my skirt, pulled up to my waist as they grabbed and groped me. They kept saying how it was like having a 16 or 17 year old girl even though I am 20 very soon. I know I look young even though I have big tits. Anyway I was shouting at them to fuck me \"bang me, give it to me, fuck me hard, come on give me some spunk now.\" Amy on the other side of this huge bed was already on all fours getting fucked doggy style while sucking on the Mike\'s cock as he played with her tits. It was very noisy but all I could hear from Mike was stuff like \"God these tits are great, how often I wanted to hold these tits and fuck you. You little whore, come on suck my cock...\" I was turned over too but pushed down flat as Gordon slid into my fanny with that lovely cock. But it didnt last too long before he pulled out even before I had cum again and stuffed it up my arse. Heaven! He was now ramming it up me, always hurts a bit at first but then is fantastic as you feel cock right up you. He pulled me up so I was on all fours and then Lavin was underneath me licking my fanny and biting yes really biting my hard clit. It was amazing. I came so fast.

Anyway, this went on for about three hours during which Amy and I had spunk from each of the four teachers. Then we sat around, the two of us starkers talking to the teachers in their underpants about how good it was and how we had both wanted to be fucked by them at school and how we had both been fucked by local schoolboys while watching a hockey match! We were being snogged and groped in turns and the dirty talk as the teachers kept on describing times when they had lusted after us and gone back to the staff room to compare notes on what colour our knickers were as we flashed them! I am sure we were not the only sixth form girls they wanted but they made it sound like that.

We ended being egged on to have a session together and Amy and I had a great 69 while the guys cheered and then, just as we both started cumming with each other\'s tongues deep inside our pussies, they started wanking all over us. There was piles of spunk, warm and thick shooting all over us as they tried to hit our tits and face. It was wild. 4am, we showered together (all six of us, very crowded and very horny, got another fucking then) and finally then left the flat and walked (sore and shagged out) the few miles home. Amy and I went back to her place and, although Amy said she was fine with her Dad having me whenever he wanted, Amy and I went to her room and slept together. We had a good licking session before fingering each other\'s very sore cunts . We both came again and fell asleep for the next 8 hours.