Written by Mary

17 Nov 2008

I arrived home at my parents on friday to find my Dad in my bedroom shagging Amy, my best friend. Now, I have been getting it regularly from Amy\'s Dad (and Mum) and I have known all along about my Dad giving it to Amy but it still shocked me to see him giving her a good seeing to and to hear my best friend telling my Dad to \"fuck me you bastard, bang me\" at the top of her voice.He was telling her what a fantastic body she has (which is true). He was sucking and biting her tits and slapping her arse. She was screaming for more. I was thinking what a nice body Amy has and my Dad kept telling her that. How weird is that! Out of sight, I stayed long enough to see them both cum and to glimpse Amy covered in the stuff and moaning for more. She was lying there with her legs wide apart and fairly covered in the stuff. I remember thinking I wish I had her tits, large and firm with great nipples!! I was as wet as hell. I went back downstairs, a combination of shocked and sooo horny. That was the start of what (even by my standards) was a very wild weekend. We all (ie Amy, her parents Gary and Sue, my Mum and Dad and me) had a party at our place. There were three or four other couples as well and Gary\'s son was due to come too. It was unreal at first because this was the first time (I think) that my and Amy\'s folks had been together since they had started fucking each other\'s 19 year old daughters (Amy and me). It has all become some sort of open secret. But we certainly don\'t talk about. And of course our mums were involved too - after all I love having it with Amy\'s parents Sue and Gary together. Amy and I thought it would be a strange night and it was. We were both expecting it to be a pretty normal night followed we hoped by some (separate house) sex with each other\'s parents. Amy and I dressed in very short skirts and tight tops, no tights, and heels. We got dressed together and had a quick snog and finger to make sure we were both wet and horny. We were all drinking heavily and one of the other guys came on to me in the kitchen. While I was pouring a drink, he came up behind me and started to kiss my neck. I hardly knew him but he had calculated my mood right and I was pushing my bum back against his hardening cock. Then, while he carried on licking and kissing my neck, he pushed his hands round onto my tits and started stroking and pressing them. I was in heaven, getting very hot and wet. He pushed one hand down my skirt and up into my thong. God he started fingering my fanny and I didn\'t even know his name. Anyway long story short, while he was all but fucking me (he certainly could have pushed me down on the table and had me there and then) my Mum came in and said: Malcolm, Sue is young enough to be your grand daughter! It was a slight exaggeration but he was certainly older than my parents or Amy\'s, perhaps about 50. I am 19 but am often mistaken for being 16 or 17, which I think is what turns on some older men (as well as me). My Mum was pretending to be shocked. Given her very short skirt and plungey top, she was up for fun too. And sure enough , as Malcolm came off me (even before he had made me cum - god I needed it sooo much) - he went for my Mum. So for the second time in 24 hours I saw one of my parents shagging, this time this older guy fucking her against the wall. He just started snogging her face off ,pushing her against the wall and then pushed up her skirt, yanked off her pants and bang, pushed his hard cock right into her. It took all of a minute or so before he had had obviously spunked into her and my Mum had screamed with orgasm. I left the room, horny for you know what. I almost feel into Gary (Amy\'s Dad) who grabbed me and started snogging and fingering me hard at the same time. He went straight for my tits and was telling me how much he wanted to fuck me. I was in heaven and was wanking his hard cock (the cock I love most) through his trousers. He was oozing pre cum as he also fingered my soaking fanny. Anyway, I suggested coming up to my room. It took us ages to get upstairs because Gary keep finger fucking me and pulling my bra and thong off as we slowly went. Within a few minutes we were there and stripping each other off. Gary went down on me and started eating my pussy like his life depended on it. I came in a massive tidal wave of orgasm, screaming the house down as he wouldnt leave my fanny alone, he rolled round and we did an amazing 69 which ended in more rolling orgasms for this horny teenager and a face full of cum from Gary\'s wonderful cock, shooting all over me. We carried on for what seemed like ages, stroking and kissing while he told me how he really wanted to have me downstairs in front of my parents. He was half joking and it sort of scared me and I told him not to be soo silly. That is how it is with us now. Our two families are soo similar. My parents are having regular sex with Amy my best friend. And Gary and Sue and I are virtually living together and certainly spend a few nights a week having wild, wild sex. Anyway, there we were lying under the duvet in my double bed and this young guy bowls into the room, starts to strip off and then gets into bed with me. Gary was embarrassed at first but then I realised this was his son who is 20 and Amy\'s older brother. He was stripped off now and I couldnt take my eyes off his very long cock. He was pretty drunk (we all were) and didn\'t say much. He was rubbing up against me, rubbing my tits and playing with my spunk filled pussy. Then he turned me round. Gary started kissing me and playing with my nipples while John (his son) played with my fanny and then I felt his finger playing with my arse. Anyway, the upshot after a few minutes of exploring was that he rammed his cock right into my bum. I like anal but I thought he would split me in two. After a shooting pain, it started to feel really good and he fucked me harder and harder like that. Gary was now sucking my nipples and driving me wild while his son rammed my anus for all he was worth. Then whoosh, a huge torrent of spunk fired up into me. I came screaming while I felt John\'s hot fountain inside my arse. Gary meanwhile fucked my face and I struggled to swallow all his spunk. I was in heaven, soo whacked out by the experience and so sated with sex. The next thing I knew is when I woke on Sunday morning (yesterday) by myself in bed with only the spunk stains all over the bed and dried on my face, neck and tits to convince me it had really happened and was not some wild wet dream. Amy and I have been texting just now and she says she had got it from one of the other husbands \"as well as you know who\" (my dad). She says this other husband (who turned out to the guy Malcolm who shagged my Mum and wanted to do me) took her home to his place (god knows what happened to his wife) and tied her to his bed and played with her for hours before fucking her face down from behind. He made her pretend she was his daughter which clearly made him real horny and it turned Amy on too. They were at it for a few hours before she retreated to the comfort of her own bed (after her parents had) come home and gone to bed. Amy and I said (again) it is strange what turns older guys on about younger girls - but we both love it anyway...